Another Weekend in ArcheAge

The night view of Arcum Iris.
The night view of Arcum Iris.

Note: I preface by saying I’m not a PvPer. I’m only playing AA for sandboxy reasons. 

I dedicated a lot more time to ArcheAge this weekend. I leveled from 19 to 31 on my Lucius kitty during this time, which by-passed my original Tahyang launch character.

This was what I was hoping for...
This was what I was hoping for…

This makes me a little sad, because I’d have loved to stay and play on Tahyang, being that is the RP server and all, but there’s simply no land at all in the safe areas. Not even land for one small scarecrow, much less anything more grand like a farmhouse. The moment I realized that both labor points (LP) and loyalty points are shared across all characters on my account, I have almost quit logging into Tahyang all together. I spent a little while running around in futility, hoping to find some tiny bit of land open for my tiny farm. No luck = return to Lucius.

There’s nothing wrong with Lucius. I just feel that the community aspect of Tahyang is stronger and would have liked to remain there. I’m coming to peace with the fact that it’s going to be a long time before land opens up on the founding servers. Especially since my Lucius kitty is now higher level, far richer and I’ve come to enjoy the Outrider build more than the Blighter.

Having a Plan

So, I spent some time figuring out my overall plan of action for ArcheAge. I’m currently guildless (looking for a guild on Lucius East that fits my style and philosophy), not a PvPer, and eventually, I’d like to fish, and maybe work up to a fishing barge of my own (long term plan).

I set down some stepping stones this weekend that went like this:

  1. Earn 50 Gilda Stars
  2. Buy Thatched Farmhouse
  3. Find somewhere to place the farmhouse
  4. Gather and craft materials to make the farmhouse
  5. Transform the small scarecrow farm into a Farmer’s Workbench
  6. Make my own worms for fishing
  7. Farm and gather materials to keep my fishing rods working
  8. Fish, and in the meantime, work up Gilda Stars for the Fishing Barge (ultimate goal)

That’s an awful lot of hoops to jump through simply to become a fisher. Ah well.

State of the Game

Bots! Bots! Bots!
Bots! Bots! Bots!

I want to note that on Lucius, prices of items such as Worker’s Comp potions and APEX are through the roof now. There’s no little 5-6 gold for a LP potion anymore. They’re pushing closer to 15 gold each, which is not a price I want to pay. APEX was ranging up to 70-80 gold each on the low side. Prices were a bit cheaper on Tahyang, but still more steep than I’d want to pay. This all means that F2P characters are going to have a even harder time reaching that APEX goal, if they can at all.

Bots have become a huge problem. In one of the early level mining areas, I reported over 20 auto-mining bots. They just stand around, defying the AFK timer, and mine a node when it pops. Myself, and other miners in the area, have taken to nudging them off the nodes, hoping to put them out of the reach of their goal. Since there’s collision in the game, a few good shoves with a mount pushes them back and usually does the trick for a little while. Still, it’s a real shame to see, especially since reporting costs 25 LP each time. I reported using the support website… I don’t have that kind of LP to blow.

My Progress

My first goal of the weekend was to earn 50 Gilda Stars so I could purchase my farmhouse. This was slow going because you only earn these as part of the main quest line, which is a linear progression throughout the zones every few levels. Other quests are scattered along the same path to help you work through the zones and level.

By the time I got to level 25, I was fed up with doing all the side quests and just made a straight beeline for the main quest points instead. Luckily, level 25 was enough to face the enemy at the end of this quest line.

I have to ask, is that really the end of the main quests? At level 25ish? I expected something that would carry me through to level cap. However, I do remember them saying that these quests are nothing more than a tutorial, which I can believe.

Anyhow, I had exactly 50 Gilda Stars at the end of it all, and I bought my farmhouse. Two goals down.

Now, comes the fun one… find land to actually put the farm on. I knew one thing for certain — I was not willing to compromise my safety and pleasure by building in war zones. So, my search was on all across the East for a spot large enough for a farmhouse. Seems the areas that are actually marked as areas for farmhouses are bugged. There’s tons of land there just wasting away, with lovely views, much to my frustration.

I searched every area I came across, and slowly my hopes began to fail. The very last area I searched was in Arcum Iris, which is the starting area for the Harani. It’s a desert/savannah type area, and is by far NOT my idea of a place to settle. However, I found a lot of open area in the very last place I looked – south of the Parchsun Settlement.

This was the best I could get.
This was the best I could get.

Not the most visually pleasing place, I understood why it was passed over. But I also knew if I didn’t grab a spot, then I may not get one. So I placed my farm on the eastmost edge of the settlement and began the long, long process of gathering materials to make it. I’m thankful I did place the farmhouse now, because a day or so later, most of the open area in Parchsun has been taken. There’s enough room here and there for small gardens, but very little room (if any) for houses.

The one good thing about this location is that it’s near a quarry. Unlike smaller houses, the Thatched Farmhouse requires 10 Stone Packs, 5 Iron Packs and 5 Lumber Packs. That’s 3,000 units of raw stone and 1,500 units of raw lumber. The iron I’m not worried about.

Now, if this was a normal game, this wouldn’t be a problem beyond just time. But in this game, once your labor points run out, you literally can’t do anything. Seeing to the fact that I’m refusing to pay out the nose for LP potions (aside from what I can buy with loyalty points in a few days), I’m limited by the regen, even with a Patron sub. Then, not only do I need to have LP to mine the nodes, I need more LP to process them into the stone packs.

So yet again, I burned through close to all the LP I had stored up over the week. I’m also trying to save some LP for harvesting the trees I’m going to need by the time I get to the lumber part of the building.

Yes, I do realize that the farmhouse is supposed to be more challenging to build than a normal small house, and I accept that. I also know I should “get a guild” and work with other people on this… but I’m stubborn and want to do it on my own until I find a guild that matches what I’m looking for. Maybe I never will, in which case, I’ll just continue solo on this server.

However, I still feel the pinch of the lack of LPs, even as a paying customer. This is super annoying — there’ll be a point where all I can do is idle AFK to regen the points because I simply can’t do anything else (aside from quests) until I earn more LPs.  Again, this aspect feels like a Facebook style game that requires you to go away a while before you can play again.

I’m not sure if this going to be a game breaker for me in the long run. I do acknowledge that building the Thatched Farmhouse is a labor intensive project, so it may get better once this is completed (if I can).

On the bright side, I also unlocked the ability to serve on a jury last night. But I’ll save that for another post.

I'll leave you with this boat I saw in the harbor...
I’ll leave you with this boat I saw in the harbor…


  1. I think you can actually kill those bots if you switch to Bloodlust mode (CTRL-F). (I haven’t had a need to try it yet but if I find bots in the way I’m going to.)

    1. That would be nice, but won’t that treat it as if you are killing your own faction members? It’s sure tempting, though.

  2. Okay, I may be wrong, because I have only just started, but I am pretty sure that having a house in the non-safe zones only means that you could be attacked by other players while in the zone. I don’t think your property can be messed with in any way. That will only be the case when the northern continent opens up and you have houses there, I believe.

    So it might be worthwhile scouting land in some of the other zones, especially as you level up, as the main danger you’ll have is when carrying a trade pack. Unless of course you’re determined to avoid that as well. And it sounds like you’ve already put a lot of resources into building your house anyway. :/

    I have just spent the last few hours touring the West on Kyrios looking for a space to plonk down the little 8×8 garden! I am not liking my chances of getting one of those, let alone enough space for a house. As you said, I might just have to wait out the free-monthers and hope that rents lapse.

    Also, I hear ya on the stubborn, “go it alone” approach. 😛 I’m like that too. Maybe if I can’t do anything on Kyrios, I’ll join you on Lucius.

    1. You’re right that they can’t destroy property in the non-safe zones. But seeing I want nothing to do with PvP, and don’t even want to be near it if I don’t have to be, would I still be at risk for ganking and being killed in these areas? I was under the impression I wouldn’t be 100% safe unless I built in non-PvP lands. I don’t want to have to be worried and looking over my shoulder while I farm.

      Good luck in finding land. I hear you about not having a place fore even the smallest garden. That’s how it is on Tahyang, which is why I’m on Lucius.

      1. Yeah, I’m not 100% sure but I suspect that you could still be attacked while on your farm (except inside your house with the doors closed?) if you built in a PvP zone. It’s not likely at all, but the chance is probably more than zero.

        The danger I was thinking of was when you made trade packs and were walking/riding through the zone to the carriage or airship, rather than on your farm itself. But it sounds like you aren’t even going to make trade runs into the PvP zones?

        1. Nope. Not interested in entering PvP zones for any longer than I have to (questing). I’ll avoid that if I can just level through crafts or mining, to be honest. I’m a super carebear – blame it on bad experiences in Ultima Online. 🙂

        2. Fair enough!

          It’ll be interesting to see how much you can manage to avoid those areas – going through the vocations, it looks like many of the recipes need materials that can only be obtained by handing in trade packs on the other continent. I didn’t note whether they were BoP though, maybe you’ll be able to get them from the AH. I like those little self-imposed challenges! 🙂

          And I forgot to mention, I was a little jealous of the fact that you saw the LP pots on your AH at all! There have been none listed on Kyrios the last couple of days…

  3. I hit Level 18 tonight and quite literally all I’ve done is quest. Other than two dropped pieces of armor that needed 1LP each to identify I haven’t spent any Labor Points. I haven’t mined a node, picked a flower, made a trade pack, crafted an item, none of it.

    I am thoroughly enjoying the questing. The main storyline is interesting. I got to the Level 20 quest by the time I was Level 13 and had to stop simply because the mobs turned red and I couldn’t kill them effectively any more. I backtracked and filled out a lot of the earlier side quests, many of which I also found pretty interesting and when I logged out just now I had caught myself back up to where I was on the main questline.

    The writing isn’t great even by the very low standards of MMOs and Trion’s translations are, to put it politely, variable, but I’m really enjoying the little stories as well as seeing the pieces of a big picture fitting together. It’s a bit embarrassing but I think I have to just admit that I like MMORPG questing as a form of literature. There’s nothing else quite like it.

    1. Questing to me is a means to an end — I want to farm, fish, build and craft. AA attracted me because of these things. I think I’ve leveled pretty easily simply through mining and crafting, along with the questing. I’ve actually been overleveled a good bit of the way because of it.

      I do enjoy the main questline myself — that’s having played on both East and West sides. I think it’s an interesting way to weave history and set a foundation for the world we’re playing in. Story and writing is very important to me, too, though less-so in this game, as I came for the sandbox.

      Because of that, I didn’t have high expectations for AA’s quests, and I’m often surprised and amused by the quests I do. It’s a nice little perk. 🙂

      1. I find questing boring… in any game, not just ArcheAge.

        I’ve hit level 50 now, and from level 20ish (I finish the ‘green’ racial quests for the gilda stars) I levelled purely by mining.

        1. I’ve also gained quite a number of levels through mining. I’ve been doing daily quests for Gilda Stars, but for the most part, I don’t quest a lot during short weeknights.

          Congrats on level 50! Do you have any plans on what you’re doing at this point with your character?

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