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Bragtoberfest: Progress in The Secret World


Last week marked another accomplishment for me: After two years, I have finally finished the Egypt zones in The Secret World. 

What took me so long?

Well… I picked up TSW at launch (I’m a lifetimer), and really fell in love with everything it does well. This game, its world, its blend of real-world lore, its stories… these are things that have to be savored. Not something you can just rush through. It’s also something I have to be in the right mood to play. Fall, with Halloween on the way, tends to put me in that mood.

A little over a month after TSW launch, Guild Wars 2 released. I was sucked up into GW2 until about November/December that year, though I did visit in on TSW’s Halloween events because… well… the Cat King! I think I was finishing up Blue Mountain about that time, maaaybe just starting on the first Egypt area.

When the Buy 2 Play conversion happened later that year, I hooked my sister and Syn up with a copy of the game. We all started playing for a while, so naturally, I returned to replay all of Solomon’s Island with them as they worked through the story and missions. Somewhere during this time, I ended up maxing out my Templar status, even though I’d never seen the later reaches of the game. I still have a lot of work to do on filling out my skill wheel, but I’ve made good progress in playing the early stages all over again.

We put the game down for a while, and picked it up around Halloween last year. Did some leveling through golden weekend and such. All that time, my progress was still stalled in Egypt.

Finally, Syn caught up to me, and we started making progress through Egypt. Again, we put the game down for a while, and only returned to it recently. Last week, we finally finished up The City of the Sun God, officially passing me on to Transylvania for the first time!

I love the moral choices you're prodded to make in these between-the-zones scenarios.
I love the moral choices you’re prodded to make in these between-the-zones scenarios.

We’re continuing to have a good time watching the lore and story of this zone unfold, though it seems the challenge is ramping up for us. I really need to find a better build with my blades. Suggestions are welcome!

Can’t wait for Halloween in TSW! They always put on a good show.

It’s that time of year again!


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9 thoughts on “Bragtoberfest: Progress in The Secret World

  1. Woo!

    I have the same problem, I’ve been stuck in Egypt since late last year. Every time I find a burst of motivation for TSW I end up doing a few missions per session, then it devolves into just doing a couple of dailies per session and maybe one mission or a mission step, then I find that I haven’t logged in for weeks/months again. Still in the Scorched Desert atm – I think I have just started the Issue 5(? or is it 6?) Indiana Jones mission sequence so that’ll be fun.

    I have been avoiding the storyline missions because I found on Solomon Island I’d race through them asap, then hit a brick wall of difficulty, then spend so long exploring the island that I’d forget what had happened previously when I picked it up again. So in Egypt I’m saving it until I’ve cleared out all the other missions I can find.

    What made you take the weapons you use? Is it a role choice, or RP choice, or just what you think is cool? I started off with pistols in Solomon Island because that image of the Templar lady with the dual pistols looked so cool. Nowadays I am mostly hammer dps with pistols, though I am looking to find a new combo, I think. I’m filling out my skill wheel in order of what deck costume is coolest-looking. 😛


    1. I haven’t started the Indiana Jones mission yet — looking forward to that one! Ultimately, I’m glad that I pushed through and finished the area. It’s actually a good idea to do the storyline missions in the City of the Sun God because the way they’re set up, they take you around the area to places you’ll find normal quests as well. While the area is somewhat enclosed and dense with enemies, I felt that the overall flow of that zone worked well between the main quest and the regular pick-up quests.

      I chose blades because I tend to go melee in most MMOs, and swords are usually my go-to weapon. I also love the AOE capability of the weapon. I picked up pistols when I saw a Paladin deck was a possibility, and worked to earn that deck early on. The build I have now with Blades/Pistol (is not the Paladin deck) actually got me through most of the game fairly well (though I admit, having a duo partner makes it much, much easier).
      Now that we’re moving towards the more challenging content, I’ve been taking a long look at my build and trying to find something that works well with blades. I’m thinking assault rifle as I heard it has good self-healing abilities. Not sure yet, though.


      1. Heh, I tend to go ranged in most rpgs – usually some sort of mage. But I’ve made an effort to be more balanced in my choices this last year or so. Pistols and blood was my first weapon combo, but I ended up either spending too much time kiting in tight circles, or just duking it out in melee anyway. Once I went to hammers it was a huge difference. The simple fact of front-loading damage with a full resource consumer in melee, rather than having to build up from zero resources with ranged, is like night and day.

        It took me ages to realise that I could slot passives from any skill wedge, not just the ones from the weapons I was using. It made things a lot more interesting. Getting that on-hit HoT from Blades made my build so much more resilient. Good luck with your tweaks!


  2. TSW doesn’t have Halloween! They have Samhain!

    I’m sort of an odd duck with TSW. Blasted through it when it came out and got through the story and all the quests in Transylvania and whatnot, and had about half the wheel full. Slowed down a lot after that. Worked in to NM dungeons, but never really did a whole lot of them. Did eventually do enough to fill the wheel, then drifted off for a while. Started up again just before Issue 8, loved it again, but then actually do not like the scenarios one little bit, and that turned me off again. Tokyo came out and I bought some points and redeemed them for the content….. and have yet to actually set foot in there. Go figure.

    I do plan to come back for Samhain, at the very least, though, so I’ll probably work on Tokyo and perhaps even the side stories packs when I do return.


    1. Yes, Samhain. I stand corrected! 🙂

      I’ve heard a good bit about the scenarios, so I’m a little antsy about trying them. We’ve never run dungeons, and don’t really have interest in them, so I hope we won’t be too undergeared when it comes to running scenarios as a duo.

      I own all the Issues, but haven’t started a single one yet, as I still haven’t finished the original game content. I have a lot to look forward to. I’m nowhere even close to Tokyo.

      I think the nature of TSW is just one of those games you visit from time to time, especially when new content is released. Glad to know I’m not the only one who does this.


      1. Oddly enough, I thought that scenarios sounded really neat. and I actually don’t mind them much when playing with a friend or 2, but when solo I just can’t stand them. Even though on my 2nd play through them I got Platinum in the Hotel. They’re simply to “game-ified” for me, if that makes any sense. And not in a good way, IMO, and that’s why I don’t like them.

        It’s really just diff’rent strokes though. I know quite a few people who love them to death. They just don’t do it for me, and since I’ve got a complete wheel already, I don’t feel the need to log in much. But for all I know, once I eventually do get back and start working on Tokyo I’ll fall completely in love with the game all over again.

        The issues are a ton of fun — definitely well worth doing when you get to them.


        1. I just heard the scenarios were a little on the difficult side. I’ll be playing with a friend, so hopefully that won’t be too bad. Is Tokyo gated by finishing scenarios?


        2. Tokyo’s sorta gated by them, yeah. There are 2 ways to unlock Tokyo — initially the only option was to do the Venice mission series which then requires 80 “Oreos” to buy the Tokyo certification. Since a platinum scenario run gets you 15 of the Auriae of Initiation (see why they’re abbreviated as oreos?) if you can do the plat, then you only need 6 runs, but that’s running “solo normal.” And you have to learn the scenario, there are random elements that can be harder than others so a platinum run one time isn’t guaranteed to be so the next . . . . .

          There’s now a novice difficulty level as well which is a lot easier, plus there aren’t any group size limits. You can take 5 people in on solo difficulty if you want (though rewards are scaled down if you do).

          Anyway, I’ve not seen this but I’m told you can bypass the oreo “grind” of running the scenarios and simply buy the cert for a million Pax as well.

          FWIW, here are my posts about my 1st couple of attempts at scenarios solo:

          Huh. In re-reading those it didn’t seem that I didn’t like them and was actually rather excited about overcoming a new challenge. But in looking at my later TSW posts, it took me 4 months to get to 80 oreos, when I had 25 after only 2 days, so…. obviously I didn’t play in them, and it was becuz I actually didn’t like them after the 1st couple of tries…. and also looking at the giant grind for the augments that I didn’t feel like doing. And i picked up Skyrim. And moved on to ESO. . . . . so many distractions! 😉


        3. Thanks so much for the info!

          I’d like to try scenarios, but I don’t want to be forced to grind them. I hope buying the cert for PAX is a thing because I have plenty of that to spare!


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