Bragtoberfest: ArcheAge Thatched Farmhouse Complete!



This is a brag that I’ve had to be very patient to obtain, and is a real and true brag for me. I finished building my thatched farm house in ArcheAge last night! 

It took about two solid weeks of gathering and tree farming, including some nights where I broke down and bought the labor point potions. I gathered and processed all the materials for the packs by myself. At 10 stone, 5 iron and 5 lumber packs (about 3K raw stone, 1.5K iron and 1.5K wood logs), it consumed my gameplay and labor almost 100%.

I’m happy that it’s finally done, because that means I might be able to do other things in game now (like fishing).

About the House

The house is small, similar in size to the other small houses, but has a fairly good amount of land to farm around it. On the front is a water barrel that allows you to draw water for your crops without having to run off to the well all the time. Inside, there’s a fireplace that you can interact with and light. When lit, I also had the ability to use Memory Ink to scribe my house’s location in my travel tome, allowing me to port back to my house whenever I need to.

I can open and shut the doors and two windows, which is pretty neat. And, of course, decorate inside.

Applying the last lumber pack to complete the farmhouse.
Applying the last lumber pack to complete the farmhouse.

The Farmer’s Workbench

Between the scarecrow farm and the farmhouse, I have plenty of farming land. I pulled up my small garden and used it to create the Farmer’s Workbench. This isn’t actually a workbench — it reminds me more of the crafting mannequins in size — and must be placed outside the house.

I was pleased to see that the built-in shop allows me to purchase items with vocation badges that I usually find at the Blue Salt vendors – fishing supplies, farming supplies, pet potions, etc. This makes fishing much more convenient for me!

The bad side? My dreams of growing seed bundles for worms was quickly shattered. It seems these bundles require a much higher level of gathering than I have. So it’s going to take a long time before I’ll be seeing any of this.

Future Plans

Seeing that I’m almost broke now, the first thing I need to do is pad my pocket with a bit of gold again, just to feel more comfortable about where I’m sitting. That’s probably going to be through mining – I’m almost to the next proficiency level! Farming will be a thing, helping to work up the gathering skill. I’d like to work up my alchemy over time, too, which is directly tied to farming and mining. And, of course, fishing.

I’ve been neglecting my guilda stars quests, though I have enough for another farmhouse or boat if I want one. Seeing that I can do my sport fishing in freshwater lakes, I may not be in such a rush to secure the fishing boat. It’ll probably be just as difficult and expensive to make as the farmhouse was, to be honest.


  1. Wooo! Nice jorb! Truly bragworthy. 🙂

    I have a feeling that I’m not going to be able to handle the lumber requirement on my own, so I’ll most likely concentrate on trade runs for gold, and buying stacks of lumber – they’re about 15g at the moment iirc.

    What is the land situation like on Lucius? Am I more likely to get a farmhouse plot there than on Kyrios? It’d be nice to have someone I know on the server, enough that I’d be willing to change mains.

    While we’re at it, if you’re open to having a third wheel for TSW, let me know so we can work out times. 🙂

    1. To be totally honest, I’m not sure of the land situation on my server. I haven’t searched for land since I found my own. Most of the land in the safe areas is gone now. I heard there might be land in the PVP areas if you go deep enough.

      I also can’t confirm, but I don’t think we have as many issues with the land bots on our server as with the larger one. For example, the lot next to me got demolished for not paying taxes, and I think it was claimed by another player and not a bot.

      We play TSW really randomly, with no set timeframes. It’s kinda like my duo partner says “Hey, you wanna play?” and we do. So while I don’t mind a third player (though we are still figuring out quests in Transylvania) I have no idea when we’ll be around. Feel free to add me to your friend’s list though! My name is “Aywren” in TSW!

      1. Fair enough. I will do that.

        I’ve created a Menashi on Lucius too, will see what I can find with the land plots. I’m not really fussed about being in a PvP zone, my garden on Kyrios is in Sanddeep. I actually care more about the location from an aesthetic perspective than a danger one. Perhaps we can combine forces in the near future, help each other out with supplies, etc?

        1. Did you roll East or West? I’m on the East, obviously.

          There’s a spot for a garden right behind my farm in Arcum Iris. Not the most attractive place, but it was where I pulled up my original farm to make the farmer’s workbench. I believe it’s still open, so if you rolled East, that’s an option. Just let me know.

        2. East, of course! I tried /w you last night but you obviously didn’t see it. Just hit level 10 so should be getting the garden soon, I’ll try to find that empty plot – thanks for the tip!

        3. Augh… yeah. I saw that I missed you. By the time I went to whisper you back, you weren’t online anymore. 🙁

          I tend to AFK a LOT in this game (due to LP consumption), so if I’m not responding, that’s usually the reason why. So sorry! 🙁

          The text in this game scrolls so fast with so much going on. I made a tab just to see whispers, but it doesn’t flash or indicate I have a new whisper, so I still tend to miss people who try to talk to me. It’s a pet peeve.

          Anyhow, as far as I know this morning, the garden spot behind my house is still open. You may want to explore around a bit to see if you can’t snag something in a prettier and more temperate location, though. Arcum is an arid climate, and while everything still grows there, it’s not idea for fastest growing times for most things.

          If you can’t find anything else, you’re welcome to it. To find it, go to Arcum Iris (I think that’s your starting point?). Head south of Parchsun Settlement to the housing area. Go to the very east border and follow it all the way south. Look for a huge scraggly tree near the southeastern most corner and you’ll find my farmhouse (has tons of geese around the front door at this moment). One section behind my house has been claimed, but there’s still room for one more garden.

          Here’s a map for you! Good luck! 🙂

        4. Got it! Thanks!

          Yeah I made a tab for whispers too, I agree that no flashing/indicating is a peeve. I’ll move this into in-game mail/chat now. 🙂

  2. Congrats Wren~! It’s great to see all your hard work paid off ^^

    I’ve been playing Archeage for a bit, but between all the other games and taking care of the elders I haven’t gotten much mileage XD

    Still glad to see you succeed, congrats once again~! ^_^

    1. Thank you! Now it seems like there’s just so much yet to do, even though the farm is finished. It’s unlocked a lot of new possibilities, that’s for sure!

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