Bragtoberfest: ArcheAge Thatched Farmhouse Complete!

This is a brag that I’ve had to be very patient to obtain, and is a real and true brag for me. I finished building my thatched farm house in ArcheAge last night! 

It took about two solid weeks of gathering and tree farming, including some nights where I broke down and bought the labor point potions. I gathered and processed all the materials for the packs by myself. At 10 stone, 5 iron and 5 lumber packs (about 3K raw stone, 1.5K iron and 1.5K wood logs), it consumed my gameplay and labor almost 100%.

I’m happy that it’s finally done, because that means I might be able to do other things in game now (like fishing).

About the House

The house is small, similar in size to the other small houses, but has a fairly good amount of land to farm around it. On the front is a water barrel that allows you to draw water for your crops without having to run off to the well all the time. Inside, there’s a fireplace that you can interact with and light. When lit, I also had the ability to use Memory Ink to scribe my house’s location in my travel tome, allowing me to port back to my house whenever I need to.

I can open and shut the doors and two windows, which is pretty neat. And, of course, decorate inside.

Applying the last lumber pack to complete the farmhouse

The Farmer’s Workbench

Between the scarecrow farm and the farmhouse, I have plenty of farming land. I pulled up my small garden and used it to create the Farmer’s Workbench. This isn’t actually a workbench — it reminds me more of the crafting mannequins in size — and must be placed outside the house.

I was pleased to see that the built-in shop allows me to purchase items with vocation badges that I usually find at the Blue Salt vendors – fishing supplies, farming supplies, pet potions, etc. This makes fishing much more convenient for me!

The bad side? My dreams of growing seed bundles for worms was quickly shattered. It seems these bundles require a much higher level of gathering than I have. So it’s going to take a long time before I’ll be seeing any of this.

Future Plans

Seeing that I’m almost broke now, the first thing I need to do is pad my pocket with a bit of gold again, just to feel more comfortable about where I’m sitting. That’s probably going to be through mining – I’m almost to the next proficiency level! Farming will be a thing, helping to work up the gathering skill. I’d like to work up my alchemy over time, too, which is directly tied to farming and mining. And, of course, fishing.

I’ve been neglecting my guilda stars quests, though I have enough for another farmhouse or boat if I want one. Seeing that I can do my sport fishing in freshwater lakes, I may not be in such a rush to secure the fishing boat. It’ll probably be just as difficult and expensive to make as the farmhouse was, to be honest.