Resolved! When ArcheAge Decides You’re No Longer a Patron (Though You Paid For It)


Update: Not sure how it happened, but this is now resolved. When I logged in earlier during lunch break, I didn’t have Patron status. Once I got home from work, it was magically restored, though the ticket wasn’t updated. Something happened there, but still… this issue shouldn’t have cropped up in the first place. I’m not the only one seeing this, too. 

I was going to wait to blog about my newest frustration with ArcheAge, but seeing I don’t know if this is going to be resolved quickly, I might as well blog out my annoyance.

Yesterday, my ArcheAge Patron account auto-renewed. I saw the PayPal email come through. On the Trion website, my account says I have a month’s worth of Patron time.

But when I log in, I’m no longer a Patron.

I’m not talking about the time reporting incorrectly when I log in. I’m saying, I’m completely not a Patron anymore.  (Maybe they got tired of me whining about LPs?)

Lost Labor Points

To add insult to injury, AA decided to hard cap my labor in the rudest way possible. Before I realized there was an issue with my account, I put my character to sleep in the bed. This normally gives a buff that awards me with 50 labor points once a day.

However, since I had 2,829 LPs, and the cap for non-Patron is 2,000 LP, using the bed actually TOOK 829 LP from my account. That’s almost a full Worker’s Comp potion right there! 😮


Not only that, but now I’m not getting the Patron LP regen like I should… because the game no longer considers me a Patron. So I’m losing all those LPs, lost the LPs from the game resetting me to cap, and I’m losing loyalty tokens.

It’s really, really not cool.

Asking for Support

After I figured out what was going on last night, I tried to contact support through the online chat. However, the queue was over 200, and the chat was closing in an hour, so there was no chance in getting help that way.

I put in a ticket. However, the last ticket I put in was answered in about 2 weeks… and I don’t have that kind of time to wait! Taxes are due today, and tomorrow I’m heading out of town for a trip. I really don’t want to lose my land and everything I worked for because something glitched out my Patron account in the game.

So… this morning after I got to work, I was number 13 in line for the support chat. The GM was friendly and tried to do whatever it was they do when a Patron account is messed up. It took about 30 mins, and then the GM asked me to log in and out of my account to see if that fixed it.

I was at work, so I had to wait until lunch break to go home and see if it fixed it. This didn’t fix it.

So now, I’m back in the ticket system, with a ticket that’s been escalated. Which is exactly what I was trying to avoid when using the support chat. This is really not what I wanted to happen the day before a trip out of town. 🙁



  1. That really really sucks. The game seems really glitchy at times, especially around the whole patron thing. Basically any of the systems that Trion had XL Games add in. I am not even sure if this is a Trion or an XLGames thing to be truthful. In any case I hope someone fixes your issues for you in time. Can someone else pay your taxes for you maybe?

    1. No, no one else can pay your taxes for you (at this point). I heard that might be coming in the future.

      I’m not sure why my account is so borked. Other people are having the same issue as I am, and the GM was able to clear it up for them over support chat. I’ll be pushing this issue first thing in the morning (since there’s no point in trying the queue this late in the afternoon).

  2. Ouch. On top of all the other niggling irritations you have to deal with, problems with the ongoing subscription itself is just insult on top of injury on top of insult.

    You said they magically fixed it (I assume you meant to say in your update that it *was* resolved?), but did you get your LP/loyalty tokens back?

    1. No, they can’t restore the lost LPs. Someone else with the same issue as me posted their support chat on the forum. When they asked about lost LP, the GM said that wasn’t something they could give out. 🙁

      I’m not sure how it ended up getting fixed. When I tried to log in after the support chat, it wasn’t working. A few hours later, I came home from work and I had Patron. Granted, it’s still not exactly right, because in game, it says I have Patron until February, when the website correctly says I only have 29 days left. Go figure.

  3. Sorry to hear this happened to you. I hope they at least reimburse you for the lost LP. Though that might not happen. *sighs* They could just give you a labor potion -_-

    At least you have your patron status back, even if the time is bugged. =/

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