FFXIV 2.4 Patch: Rogue Deluge

I’ve been waiting on the 2.4 release of the new FFXIV class – ROG/NIN – and so far, the patch has not disappointed. I’ve taken a break from FFXIV for the past few months, so coming back to the game to see so many people leveling is a fun and refreshing change of pace.

There’s something I love about that kind of “zerg” — a mass of players all working together trying to reach the same goal. It’s the same sort of fun I had when GW2 released and everyone was leveling through areas. I’ve missed that excitement in FFXIV, since most folks have already leveled what they want, or if they level, they do it in dungeons. It’s great to see the FATES outside of Aleport kicking it in high gear again.

Someone noted in chat that we looked like a school of fish. And that’s exactly what it was like. Check out the picture of the Rogue Deluge below.


It’s too early for me to determine if ROG will become my main class, overriding Dragoon for Tai. I put a good bit of work into Tai, earning him all his ilvl 90 armor and such, but I’ve only just started his legendary weapon quest. So switching it won’t be a big loss if I decide I like NIN better. I leveled ROG to 16 last night, and while I enjoyed what I did experience, it’s still too early for me to tell if the class mechanics are my play style. While I like Dragoon in some ways, for dungeon play, it’s a stressful class to me.

The class quests for ROG have been fun and entertaining. Each guild has its own storyline and feel, and I think that the writers really captured the feeling of the ROG essence in the characters you meet there. How can you not chuckle at a guildmaster named Captain Jacke?

Other Patch Stuff

Lookout world! They gave him knives!

The patch included a lot of other stuff as well, such as continued main storylines, the new Shiva primal battle, and new dungeons. Seeing I haven’t gotten much beyond the original get-to-level-50 story, and I’m not much of a dungeon runner, these things aren’t really on my radar for now (or ever).

I do laud the fact that atma drops are increased – now I might actually put the effort into upgrading Zuri’s weapon. They’ve also retired the Myth Tomes and (mostly) ilvl 90 armor. So, now, hunts offer the ilvl 100 armor, but at a slower rate of acquisition. Because I’m not a raider, nor much of a dungeon runner, I’ve not been worried about the grind for Sol Tomes. Now that hunts make this a possibility, I see myself becoming active in the dailies and weeklies.

I’m also excited about what I’m hearing with the upcoming expansion – flying mounts for the win! I’m a little sad (like many) that Dark Knight has turned out to be a tank, but I’ll give the class a chance before I grouch too much about it.

Overall, I’m impressed with the amount of FFXIV patch content (as always) and happy to be motivated to return to this world again.

What? Look at this innocent face! How can you say that?