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Tai doesn’t look much like a Ninja in that picture up there, but a Ninja he’s becoming in FFXIV. I did a variety of gaming activities this weekend, but mostly focused on riding the FATE train to speed level Ninja. I’m currently level 36, which is moving pretty fast considering my normal play style. I’m hitting it hard and heavy, though, because I know in time, the FATEs will wind down and the ease of leveling will decrease with each Ninja that hits level cap.


Of all the class quest lines, I admit that I’ve enjoyed Rogue the most. I’ve experienced quite a few of the class quests, having leveled everything to at least 15 on one character or another. So far, the writing, humor and characters really set this guild apart. I even felt a little sad when I realized I was moving beyond the Rogue guild as I started my path to become a Ninja.

My Rogue Guild Family. 🙂

But then, the Ninja storyline has also been fun and interesting! I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I’d say that there’s a lot about these quests and the class itself that speaks of higher quality. I noticed the skill icons for ROG and NIN were all brightly techno-colored, and while they didn’t look out of place, they looked crisper. The transition into NIN was also visibly apparent while in battle. Tai does this neat double-dagger speed run and flips when he jumps – things I don’t remember other classes doing.

These little details really endeared me to the direction this game is going. They didn’t have to make the NIN run differently from other classes, but they did. And I like it.

It’s still early on for me to determine how much I like NIN. It has some personal positives to it, all cool style aside:

  • Far fewer positional attacks compared to Dragoon and Monk – Melee DPS annoys the crap out of me because to perform well, you always had to be beside, behind, or flipping between the two during battle. That really sucked in PUGs when you had a tank that just didn’t know to keep the enemies still.
  • I like the idea of the combo-built Ninjutsu. It reminds me a bit of Warden in LOTRO.
  • It piggybacks off of Dragoon and Monk skills, which I have.
  • Aside from good DPS, it also has some support abilities. I was surprised when I got a Silence skill in my lower 30s, much earlier than I did on my Bard

Again, I haven’t done anything but FATEs with NIN, so I don’t know how it feels to play in a dungeon with an actual party. No matter, it’s been fun to see FATEs active again, and I’m mulling over possibly pushing my Paladin to cap as well while there’s still a rush in the open world.

GW2: Dance, Dance, Dance!

Dancing with celebrity look-alikes
Dancing with celebrity look-alikes

DJ Boss of Paragon Broadcasting hosted a fun GW2 Halloween Tumblr party on Saturday. It’s been a long time since we’ve had one of these – used to do them quite frequently after the game launched, so I decided to take Nipp in to check it out. It was an awesome party and DJ Boss’ music didn’t disappoint. The usual hijinks were involved, and I found Nipp dancing alongside of celebrities such as Scarlet, Taimi, Jory and Tybalt.

Okay. Not the real ones… but players have done a good job in creating characters that look a lot like them. Someone even brought in Gold Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy’s fame.

While it was a fun party, it became really apparent that I knew few of the Tumblrs attending. Most of the Tumblrs who I knew from the golden age of GW2 blogging weren’t there – either they couldn’t make it, don’t play GW2 anymore or didn’t know about the party. This isn’t knocking these newer Tumblr folks – I’m sure they have great and fun blogs. But it just wasn’t the same for me without my old Tumblr pals.

Just another sign that it’s time for me to move on from GW2, I guess. I’ll still play the upcoming Living Story issues, but I’m not all that excited about the release tomorrow. I’ll probably be FATE-training my Ninja instead.

You thought I was joking about the Golden Freddy, didn't you?
You thought I was joking about the Golden Freddy, didn’t you?

ArcheAge: Indecisive

I’m having trouble deciding what I want to do with AA right now. Mostly because I’m having more fun in other games at the moment, and the grind to actually level any of the crafting skills in AA is atrocious.

I find myself logging in to take care of my farm a few times a day, then logging out to play something else. I even accidentally capped labor points once last weekend and ended up burning them to create tax forms instead of taking the time to actually craft. I’m really ambivalent about the whole situation because I want to hang in there with this game. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into building my farm and getting the things I wanted.

Tomorrow marks the release of the North continent, but seeing I’m not a PvPer, I don’t think I’ll ever visit that place. So that content isn’t for me, and I’m not excited about it beyond the idea that maybe PvP guilds will vacate some of the land and move up north. I might check in on my character on Tahyang and see if the land situation improves any there.

My Skills So Far
My Skills So Far

In other news, I finally leveled my second skill to Rank 1 – husbandry. Now I can make chicken coops from my farmer’s workbench. Yay! I guess?

As you can see, I really haven’t leveled my crafting skills… and that’s not for lack of trying. I’ve logged in every day, planted and farmed every day, and still it feels like it takes sooo long to level anything. It takes 10K LPs to reach the first rank of anything… and the fact that crafting skills all are bound to LPs has really put a damper on my desire to keep moving forward in this game. I knew that would eventually be the thing that made me call it quits. But as I’ve paid for another month, I’m going to continue to play and see if the release tomorrow changes things for me.

I’m having the most trouble with the thought of giving up my little farmhouse that I put so much effort into building. I know I’ll probably not be able to earn another like it if I cancel my sub. So I know that once I take that step, I’d probably not come back to AA. It’s just a question of whether something changes for me, or that I find something of interest, before I stop caring about the farm.


    1. Well, it’s a bit of a hyperbole to call it a Golden Age, but yeah, the GW2 Tumblr folks were a lot more of a community back at launch. There was just a whole different feel to the fandom. I don’t know how else to describe it, but over the years, I feel it’s lost that.

      I stopped Tumblr-writing about GW2 when the game started going in directions I couldn’t support. I realized I was going to respond with negativity and that goes against why I blog, so I just put it on the shelf instead. I think a number of folks who were big GW2 supporters did the same.

  1. I admire your persistence with AA. I saw the dilemma you face, with not having any major goals besides the grind to level crafts, and I knew that I could lose myself in that. But I also knew I’d hate and resent it, which is why I stopped when I did.

    I also realised that I would face that agony of investment if I got to the stage of having my own farmhouse, which would make it so hard to quit, so I’m glad I had the sense to make a clean break when I did.

    I think you’re on the right track with just giving AA until the end of your current sub to hook you back in again. You get another month with your lovely house, enough time to see if the opening of Auroria makes a difference to the quality of your play, and a solid deadline for your decision to continue or not.

    You’re doing a great job of selling me on FFXIV, btw. 😀

    1. I’m also starting to get frustrated with the technical glitches this game is having. First I pay for Patron account, they don’t give it to me, I have to spend my time troubleshooting in chat, and they won’t restore lost labor or tokens due to their own technical glitches.

      Now, I’ve been unable to play yet another whole day due to an auto-logout issue that many people have experienced after the Auroria patch. Have trees and all sorts of stuff that I need to harvest and again, their glitch has prevented me from logging in. I probably have capped and wasted labor at this point because of this, which also annoys me.

      Add to that a holiday event that is a in-game-store event exclusively (aside from some piddly candies you got from a daily quest), and I find it more and more difficult to continue to support this game. They didn’t even try to hide the fact that Halloween was 100% cash shop items, including a RNG chest.

      Not liking where AA is going. I guess I should find a way to sell my farm because it aches to think all my effort would go to waste if I let it be condemned.

      FFXIV is a great game, if it’s the type of game you enjoy. I’ve been subbed to it for over a year now, and consider it my main game at this point. Of course, I’m a long-time Final Fantasy fan, so that helps the delight factor. It’s not a perfect game, by far, but it’s one of the better MMOs out there.

      Be sure to try the free trial first, however. You have to buy the box (though with sales, you can often get it at the cost of a month of sub time), and the sub cost depends on how many alts you want to make. You don’t really need alts (and I’d advise against it) because one character can be all classes.

  2. I missed the release of the north continent because of pc problems I was really mad even though I’m lvl 30 and I would get ganged I’ve started using fishing to lvl it’s hard but it’s fun

    Can’t wait till future blog post

    Ps: I’m lvl 30 because I goofed and wanted to explore everything in the game and is it me or are the jury queues super long

    1. I missed the release because their server kept booting me to the character select screen every time I attempted to log in. 🙁

      You’re right. The jury queues are now super long for me, too. If you’re not logged in all day, you probably won’t get to serve.

      1. Yea the bugs are annoying they’ll probably be fixed though. And me and my friends thought the ArcheAge hype would be gone and everyone would be playing other games but I guess that’s not true

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