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FFXIV: Runs for the Relic Returned

Completing Amdapor Keep

About half a year ago, I finished my first relic weapon on my main FFXIV character, Zuri. Lately, I’ve been revisiting this quest line for my second relic weapon as Syn and I work our way through the quest for Zeb and Tai.

Despite the fact that I’m group-shy and avoid dungeons whenever possible, I really like the relic quest line. I think that it feels like a significantly “epic” quest that requires a bit of time and money to complete. Going through a second time is somewhat easier than the first time simply because I know what to expect. It seems like everyone’s Give-A-Care meter is somewhat low at this point, which is actually a good thing in a way, since we haven’t run into any stressed leet players breathing down the back of our necks to get everything perfect, and rage dropping when we don’t.

I also realized that I no longer get nervous butterflies when I click the Duty Finder button. For a person who was so scared to run dungeons only a year ago, and almost quit the game because of it, I think I’ve come a long way.

On the side, I’ve been running my daily hunts. The Allied Seals are going towards purchasing the ilvl 100 Ninja gear for Tai. I was really indecisive about which class to put my efforts towards with the hunts. It’s a slow, but steady, way to earn end game armor, which doesn’t require daily dungeon running. Considering the queues for DPS dungeon runners are pretty nuts right now, that’s a good thing.

The unfinished relic is now in my grasp!


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