7D2D Alpha 10 Apocalypse Release

Everyone starts in their undies in the apocalypse!

It’s been a weekend of zombie slaying for me and my 7D2D crew. After a long wait, the Alpha 10 build dropped including a lot of big system changes. Character customization, new armor and clothing system, heatmap zombie hoard system, farming revamp, wellness system, township system, and much more greeted us with this release. As did many bugs, which are to be expected in alpha, and are currently being patched for a hotfix.

I’m not sure what it is about this game that makes it my most played title on Steam – over 250 hours clocked in so far. For alpha, this game is incredibly deep and fairly stable. It’s also come a long way since we started playing/testing it back during the Steam summer sale.

Being part of the testing effort, and watching the development of 7D2D is just as rewarding as playing the game. After putting this much time into playing, and learning how to run my own dedicated server (including tweaks to the .xml files), I have a really good idea of the ins and outs of the game. I feel like I can provide useful feedback and bug reports to the devs, who are very responsive on their forum.

The game’s difficulty has ramped up a few notches since the last update, so I’m looking forward to seeing the balancing that’s supposed to come out with the next hotfix. As it is now, it’s almost impossible to do anything in the wasteland biomes, and seeing a zombie dog rushing you is as good as a death knell.

But, while the challenge is real, it remains my favorite survival/voxel builder game due to its incredibly customizable and moddable nature. I can’t wait to see what will happen once the modding community can really get into this game!

Wait, no. I wasn’t talking about you guys!



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