How’d You Fare During the Steam Exploration Sale 2014?


The exploration sale has come and gone at Steam. How’d you do this year?

I managed to snag four games that I’ve had on my wishlist, and have just been patiently waiting for a good, solid sale to pick up. I spent less than $20 for all of them, and I’m pretty pleased with the titles I picked up.


Wasn’t interested in Goat Simulator until they added the MMO bit on it. Now I want to try it!


The story for this game sounds very promising (how can I not play a game about a novelist?). It’s always just been a little too pricey for me to want to try it.


The art style and game system has appealed to me since I first saw this game. Just waited for a good sale to pick it up.


Another game where the art style really called to me. Got it at a great price, and am looking forward to trying this out.

How about you? Did you pick anything up, or are you waiting for the notorious Steam winter sale? I’m going to find it hard to buy much this winter since these titles were some of my most wanted. We’ll see if they can lure me with good prices on any of my other wishlist items!


  1. Wait… that WASN’T the Steam Winter Sale?! D:

    I got Skyrim, which I was after a year ago, but budget didn’t allow. I didn’t get it from Steam, though, but rather from GMG – for 2.36 🙂

    1. Wow! That’s a super deal! I like GMG, too!

      The Steam Winter Sale starts up around the Christmas holidays and runs far too long. So it’s still on the horizon! XD

  2. Glad to see you picked up some interesting titles. I have already too many games to play but maybe I should pay more attention to the sales. After all some of the titles are worth getting but you skim over them because they seem less interesting than others 😉

    1. I pretty much stick to watching for sales on games on my wishlist. It keeps me from spending money I shouldn’t, and those are usually games that I’ve researched and know that I’ll like.

  3. I successfully completed the Steam Sale Warm-up Challenge by not succumbing to any sales!

    This year, like last, I will be spending the majority of the big Winter Sale in my home state, without access to Steam at all. So that will make the Steam Sale For Reals Challenge a tonne easier. 😛

    I am maybe a little jealous that you have the Banner Saga and Child of Light now…they are pretty high on my mental wishlist (my actual wishlist is all over the place). Look forward to hearing your thoughts on them!

    1. I’m sure Banner Saga and Child of Light will be on sale during Winter, too. They were surprisingly cheap, so I snatched them up. Need to find some time to play them!

      1. Probably in a few weeks. I mostly played Pathfinder and Advanced Civilization with my family over Thanksgiving time, and I’ve also been busy with a project for school, so I haven’t had much time to play it. From what I’ve played so far, however, I can say this: It’s really good, it looks beautiful… and you need a really good computer for it to look beautiful for the outdoor areas. 😀

  4. I didn’t get much except a newish Early Access game called Darkwood I’ve been wanting.. only 25 percent off but it’s something

    for most of the other stuff like shadow of mordor, divinity and such I’m waiting for the Christmas sales

    1. Yeah, I’m waiting on buying Divinity, too. Heard a lot of good things about it, but it’s just too pricey right now. I’m such a cheapie!

  5. I picked up Dark Souls and the XCOM expansion Enemy Within. Total was just over $20.

    The Banner Saga is an excellent game though a bit on the short side. I bought that one early this year for full price and it was well worth it. I bought Child of Light sometime during the Summer I believe and I liked it but got stuck at a certain battle and haven’t gone back to finish it. I can’t comment on the other two that you picked up. Either way, sounds like you made it out with little expenditure, and that’s always a plus!

    1. Looking forward to trying these two games out. I picked up Dark Souls during the summer sales, but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll wait to play that one until I work up a pain tolerance and start craving game-abuse.

  6. I absolutely loved the Banner Saga and still regularly listen to the soundtrack. I hope you’ll like it as much as I did.

    I started out strong and got 2 games on my wishlist: XCOM and King Arthur. But then I succumbed and bought Dark Souls (which I can’t play yet) and Civilization 5, which devoured more than my entire evening, yesterday…

    Everything I bought was 75% off, so I do pretty well financially. I worry more about my time at this point.

    1. Oh, Civ V has eaten a lot of my gaming hours! Always have a good time with that when I need a strat game fix.

      I need to set some time aside just for Banner Saga. I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen and heard of it.

        1. Sounds like a great idea, Al.

          Wren, as mentioned before, Banner Saga is not a very long game. I wouldn’t be surprised if one game of Civ actually takes longer.

        2. Thanks for the invite, but you guys go on ahead. I haven’t played the game in ages, and I doubt I’ll have time to keep up with everyone given all the stuff I’m juggling right now. I’ll also be road tripping around Christmas and won’t have access to my computer or games for a while.

          But let me know how it works for you!

          I think asking in Anook is probably a good idea!

  7. I thought this was the Winter sale as well! This means I’ll likely be spending more on Steam this year. Nooo.

    I picked up: Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, The Path, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Analogue: A Hate Story, and Gemini Rue.

    So far I’ve tried out DHSGIT and Analogue, which weren’t really my cup of tea, but I did get some enjoyment from. I’m really looking forward to The Path, which has been on my wishlist forever (not sure why I’d never just lay down the $10 for it).

    1. Oh, I enjoyed The Path for what it was – a creepy little psychological story/game that’s worth a play if you enjoy that type of title. I remember getting it on sale a few years back – it was one of the first Steam games I think I purchased. Looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

      I’ve considered Analogue: A Hate Story because I heard about it from here or there. I never invested in it because I wasn’t sure if it was something that would appeal to me. I need to check out your thoughts on it.

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