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WoW Screenshot of the Day: Motherhood in Azeroth

In Azeroth, this is how mothers do.

Meet Kelly Dumah, devoted mother and wife to Nathaniel Dumah. They live happily in Nathaniel’s family mill in the lovely, scenic Northridge (Western Plaguelands).

Picture credited to Wowhead.
Picture credited to Wowhead.

Yes, everything is idyllic… except for maybe those rabid foxes… gnolls… huge spiders… that sort of thing. Half the time, I couldn’t tell if Kelly was being passive-aggressive in her quest text. She tries to seem happy for her husband’s choice to take them out into the middle of war-torn nowhere, but on the other hand, she seems to think Nathaniel is lacking in better judgement. For some reason the quest text struck me funny, especially since I read most of it in a sarcastic light.

I’m happy for Nathaniel: he’s spent so long trying to return to Northridge, and now with the Scarlet Crusade out of the way, he can finally move back home. It’s just… even for such a seemingly-idyllic setting, it’s not really the best place to raise a family.

For example: along this valley’s edge, you will find rabid foxes searching for innocent prey. Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of one looking right at me.


Farther to the south, you will find Redpine gnolls… a new arrival to the area. You probably passed some on your way here. Nathaniel pretends like they’re not a problem, but I know better.


I have my doubts about those gnolls’ intentions. They haven’t attacked us yet, but their numbers are growing, and they seem to always have their weapons ready. I’m no military expert, but that seems a little aggressive to me.

I’m not the only one who’s noticed Kelly’s… interesting… mothering techniques. I laughed so hard when some comments joked it’s an epic new shield skin. XD

Also, note the rolling pin in hand. Right.



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