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Starbound Releases Winter Update Trailer

Starbound Wallpaper credit to Gamigeek

It was about a year ago when I got into Starbound. It was the first mining/building/adventuring type game that I ever tried, and even with its early access status, I quickly found a lot to love about it. It’s probably my second-most played game in my Steam library – Steam hasn’t tracked all my play time for whatever reason – and I introduced it to several friends who also invested time and had quite a bit of fun with it.

All that being said, I haven’t really played Starbound a whole lot since earlier this year. I know that the development team has been hard at work for months with the next huge update for the game, and it’s something that I’ve been waiting on before creating the universe anew. Unlike other early access games I’ve experienced, Starbound devs seem to choose not to release their content to smaller stable public version updates, though their stream of blogs detail the players with what we have to look forward to in time.

Yesterday, the team released the new winter update trailer, detailing features we can look forward to with their next big release. Consider me hyped for it! I’m really looking forward to revisiting the worlds of Starbound and experiencing all the new content this update will bring.


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