FFXIV Heavensward Expansion: New Race and Classes Revealed!



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Remember how in a previous post I noted that I was hesitant to pick up another subbed game because I’m waiting to see what FFXIV was going to reveal for the expansion. Yep. They blew me away with the newest info from the Fan Festival. Listen up devs because this is how an expansion is done. One new race. Three new classes (none which need base classes). Flying mounts introduced. Likely new lands and raids and such as well.

I can’t hide my excitement – this is going to be amazing! Here’s my thoughts.

New Race: Au’Ra

With horns, tails and scales and such, they appear to be dragon/reptilian type humanoids. While I’m sure they’ll appeal to some folks, they really don’t excite me, to be honest. They aren’t quite dragonish enough in the face for me to feel prompted to change races or roll a new character. I’ll save my ultimate judgement for when I see them in the character creation, and I’m always happy to see more options, but at this point, I’ll probably stick to my moon kitty.


New Tank: Dark Knight

Not a big surprise here as we all knew about this class from a while back. Some nice new art to view for it, though.



New DPS: Machinist

This was also not such a huge surprise as the devs have been teasing a gun-slinging class for a while. The slant they took on it (not being a musketeer) was unexpected, being more of an engineer that seems to work with turrets as well as guns. It’ll be interesting to see how this class pans out.



New Healer: Astrologian

This one did take me by surprise. I knew they were hinting there would be a new kind of healer, but this is a different design and take on the healing class that I didn’t expect. It seems like it could really be a neat playstyle if done correctly!



Collector’s Edition Goodies

I’m not usually suckered in to collector’s editions unless they have some really good stuff. A flying griffon mount caught my eye. But even more so was the Dark Knight Cecil and Kain minion. Being that I’m a huge FFIV fan, it would almost be against the laws of the universe not to get the collector’s edition… so I hope they provide a not-so expensive digital download version of the CE. Kotaku has confirmed there will be a lower priced digital download CE. I know what I’m getting!





I still have sooooo much yet to do on my existing characters before this expansion comes out. I guess I’ll be focusing my extra time on making some progress with crafting and leveling for Zuri from here on!

Speaking of which, I’m having fun with the new Starlight Celebration event happening in game right now. Here’s a holiday Zuri for your enjoyment! ๐Ÿ™‚




      1. I knew he’d pick up on the griffin mount. I really do want one, but was posting the picture mostly for him. XD

        Oh, and random question. Is it “griffin” or “griffon” or can they be used interchangeably?

        1. To my knowledge, griffin, griffon, and gryphon are all valid spellings. Different people have different preferences (I prefer griffon usually, for example), but to my knowledge there’s no official difference between them. Probably comes from the olden days before standardized spellings. ๐Ÿ˜€

          And I rather thought you might have had a secret plot when posting the griffon mount picture. Trying to get me in a new game, are you?

          Well, it’s probably going to work. ๐Ÿ˜›

        2. You’re welcome to try it if you like, though the expansion won’t be out until spring. Our guild could always use more people (we’ve gotten a little quiet over the past months, and hope to do a recruitment push in January). http://knightsofmemory.shivtr.com/

          A few months would be all you’d need to catch up to be mostly ready for the expansion. Lucek and his significant other, Arialna, are also in our guild. So you’d have a few folks to group with when you needed a group. I never mind running story dungeons with friends. Maybe I can finally get the courage up to level my Paladin and learn to tank. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Basic info to know:

          Syn and I are on the Midgardsormr server, which is located on the Aether data center. Creating characters can sometimes be tricky because they close high population servers from registration in the afternoons. The best time to roll a character is early morning when all servers should be open.

          Sub fee is only $12.99 a month, if you choose the 1 character sub type. You only need 1 character, though because one character can be all classes and switch between them at any time. I actually find trying to keep up with alts in this game to be more trouble than just sticking with one. XD

        3. The little grammar tidbit is good to know, as I usually used griffon or gryphon myself, but was unsure if that was correct. Helps a non-native english speaker. ;P

          As for the sub, I buy prepaid cards (60 days sub) as my credit card doesn’t seem to work with the playspan or whatever SE uses. It costs about $28 depending on the site and gives you more character slots. But like Wren mentioned you only need one char. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          But as for the game, I usually dps but was thinking of tanking/healing in the near future so that might get me going ;P Still please look me up when you’re there, I’d be happy to help. ^^

          As for the new classes I’m hyped, Dark Knight is my fav class… that and summoner but that’s besides the point XD Though all of them seem like something I’d play, meaning there will be a lot to do in FF soon =3

        4. I *did* actually buy the game… and install it… but I haven’t actually started playing it yet. I’ve been playing games with my family a lot over the break here.

        5. He’s joined the Free Company as Zakhin’dakh Swiftwing. So if you catch Al around, that’s who he be. ๐Ÿ™‚

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