Steam Holiday Sale 2014 Review: How Was Your Restraint?



I’m a little behind on posting this since I’ve been away over the holidays, but I wanted to round up how folks did during this Steam Winter Sale of 2014. I was gifted a $20 Steam card for Christmas, but honestly… this was one of the down years for me.

It seems like the games I wanted most were discounted enough during the fall sale for me to have already purchase them then. The newer games I was interested in weren’t discounted enough for me to do more than glance at my wishlist here and there (terrible, I know).

Here’s what I did get this year:


The highlight of the sale was getting Divinity: Original Sin as a gift from Almonihah. Thank you so much for this – I want to try it out and review it as soon as time permits!


I picked up Contagion at the prompting of my sister, who wanted our little zombie-busting group to try a different sort of game. I put about 10 hours into it over the holidays, and will be reviewing it as part of my Steam Personal Challenge soon!


The reviews on Long Live the Queen sold me on this game. It sounds like it’ll be an interesting game to delve into. Looking forward to trying it out.


I wouldn’t usually have interest in a game called Prison Architect. But, again, the reviews on top of what I’ve been hearing from other players, nudged me into trying this. Sounds like it’ll be fun!

And, really, that’s it. I didn’t even use the full value of my gift card this year, so I think I maintained proper restraint during the sale. ๐Ÿ™‚

How about you? Did you net anything cool this year during the sale?ย 


  1. Well I didn’t pick up anything during the sale, mostly because I forgot about it. ;P I try concentrating on the games I have… with little success XD

    Anyway I own two of the games you mentioned, them being Divinity: Original Sin and Prison Architect. I have to say I liked both very much. Though I played Divinity in co-op and really enjoyed the intercharacter conversations. Sadly it seems that our save got corrupted and we’ll have to start again. No biggie though I’ll have a bit more insight in the skills and abilities now XD

    As for prison Architect, honestly I haven’t played it in a while, that being at least a few months… that is what it feels like to me at least. Still it’s a different type of game. I mean you manage a prison you built. Seems simple but is also complex at the same time XD All in all a fun game.

    I hope you enjoy all of the games ^_^ Have fun Wren =D

    1. Divinity is a lot of fun co-op. I’ve been playing it with my brother, and we’re really enjoying it. I may get a review in on it before you, ‘Wren. ๐Ÿ˜€ Actually, I think it would be cool to do a team review, or two separate reviews, to see how our opinions match and differ.

      1. That actually might be a fun idea! Right now I’m really working on FFXIV guild recruitment when I do have free time, but once I get that where I want it, I’ll pick up Divinity and we can work something up.

  2. Mine was pretty nonexistent this year. Steam converted to using my local currency some time in between the Summer and Winter sales, while keeping most of the games at around equivalent prices.

    What would have been a $5USD game (converted by 1.3 to $6.50 SGD) became a $5 SGD game ($3.84 USD) and so on.

    Bought a ton of 66-75% discounted stuff I’d been putting off – Dishonored, Banner Saga, Skullgirls, Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition, Strike Suit Zero, Mirrormoon EP and some stuff I didn’t know I wanted… Car Mechanic Simulator? Well, it was less than a Starbucks coffee, should be modestly amusing for at least half an hour.

    What seems to be getting me is the post-Winter sale though. Already picked up Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes and Van Helsing II in the new year and those two are probably going to take up more of my attention than the winter sale purchases.

    1. Ah, Fallen Enchantress. It’s… I don’t know. I’ve enjoyed it, but it just seems to be missing… *something*, and I don’t know quite what. Maybe I just need to play on a higher difficulty. =P

      1. I have exactly the same feeling. I’ve spent many hours in it, and it certain has this addictive ‘one more turn’ feeling, yet after a few games, I felt that I was somehow done with it.

  3. I actually didn’t buy much for myself this time around. I got… let’s see, which ones of these are new… The Banner Saga… is that really it? I guess so. Well, and FFXIV, but that wasn’t from Steam… ๐Ÿ˜€

    What I *did* do was buy games for other people. In addition to the one already mentioned, I got Endless Legend for my dad, and Portal 2 and Anno 2070 for my brother (to play co-op on).

    Oh, I guess I got a couple DLC’s for some games, too. One for The Last Federation, at least.

    1. I noticed! I’m not complaining about the gift at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I actually was thinking of sending you a Steam gift before you sent me one, but was still really surprised when I got your gift! Thanks again!

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