FFXIV: Finally Pushing Through the End Game Story

One of my gaming resolutions was to pick up where I left off on the FFXIV end game storyline so I know what’s happening when the expansion finally gets here. I left both Zuri and Tai hanging after completing the main scenario stuff at level 50, and only piddled around in the story since then.

It’s an odd thing since story was a driving factor most of my leveling experience. But I think that after coming off of such a strong main scenario ending, the first section of story content was fairly weak and uneventful, which made it hard to keep my attention and force me to push through content I’d usually not choose to do. But finally, more than a year after patch 2.1 release, we’ve finished that patch’s story content!

Patch 2.1 Story Spoilers Ahead! 

We start with a rather out-of-the-blue series of quests that deal with reuniting Minfilia with her mother. I think this might have had more impact on people who played 1.0 version, because I honestly had no idea who this other character was. I mildly cared about bringing Minfilia happiness, but beyond that, it didn’t have a lot of meaning for me.

Then comes the quests surrounding moving the Scions to Revenant’s Toll. This was where both Syn and I just sorta sat for months, and where Zuri is still sitting. The questing seemed really disjointed and fetch-questy. To prove ourselves to the people at Revenant’s Toll (oh, come on, we’re the freaking heros you just celebrated at the end of the main scenario quests), we were forced to run a random dungeon that seemed to have nothing to do with anything, and complete low level guildhests.

Midgardsormr, whom our server is named after

I’d never finished a single guildhest. I’d never seen a reason to do so before. So, in order to unlock the hests we needed, we had to run a bunch of unrelated hests first. Luckily, a FC member didn’t mind bringing out his tank and moving us through the hests, teaching us a bit. This was a good learning experience and I think I’ll be poking around at hests to help out with alt leveling in the future.

Once all that was finally done, we got to some more interesting story content: the arrival of Good King Moggle Mog XII. We went through the rigmarole of unlocking the semi-primal fight, and almost didn’t attempt it last night. The battle looks complicated at first glance, and seems like there are so many moogles that it would be difficult to memorize the right order.

However, we decided to give it a go, and luckily fell in with a somewhat experienced group. The tank did know how to mark and knew the right order, so I just followed the numbers and we eventually beat the encounter, which wasn’t as difficult as it seems at first glance. It’s definitely an encounter that’s more range DPS friendly. I was the only lousy melee running around trying to find the right target and keep up with moogles who don’t care to be tanked. I could see how it might be fun on Zuri, though.

Overall, this part of the story was the strongest. It was neat to consider the elements that make up a true primal. It was also neat to see a little bit of the background of moogles and their place in the world.

End Patch 2.1 Spoilers

Speaking of Zuri (who is still far behind on all this), I scored her second piece of ilvl 100 armor last night from finishing hunts. I also earned her first atma for her relic upgrade, somewhat randomly. I’ve been on this step since summer of last year and just never took an interest in hunting them down. I stop to do fates whenever I see them in zones where atma might drop, but just never gone out of my way to grind.

Oh, and Syn’s character, Zeb, earned the moogle rod drop from last night’s battle. 🙂

Flowers and moogles look good on you, Zeb!