Weekend Review: All About FFXIV

I’m trying to make good on my goal to finish up the FFXIV end game story… not on one character, but two. Zuri is my original main character whom I play mostly solo. Tai is my alt character that I play duo only when Syn is around. So that means I have to pull double duty to progress my characters in FFXIV.  Yes, I know that you can do everything on one character and that I probably could have just played Zuri with Syn’s character, but it’s not the same (for me) as having a character on the exact same steps of story and quest. So, the only fault for all this is mine, and I’m good with it.

Free Company Building

I’ve made a huge focus on building up our Free Company and recruiting new members since I returned from vacation. This was something the guild leader talked about before Christmas, and something I decided I was going to follow through on… even if that meant I had to swallow my fear of using the shout channel. I’m recruiting for a specific type of player – namely those who are mature, low-drama, casual and don’t mind chatting and helping out other folks.

It’s a little harder to pull in that specific type of player, especially since I’m advertising a guild that’s looking for community, not coil runs. I’ve had some luck, though, and we’ve met a lot of fun and interesting personalities. Some nights, I get no response. Some days, I get lots. I’m pretty much just going to keep doing my thing and hope that recruitment picks up as we get closer to seeing the expansion.

Busting Down Storyline

King Mog defeated again!

This weekend I concentrated on catching up on the main story with Zuri. She was still stuck on the step where I needed to complete Quarn, and then the two guildhests behind it. Whoever thought it was “fun” to force a random level 35 dungeon and two level 25 and below guildhests into the main story should re-evaluate the meaning of fun. Again, I’d done no guildhests on Zuri before this, so I had to work my way up the list to get to the ones I needed. Thankfully, FC members were there to assist me, and I was able to push past the roadblock that’s been holding me back for months.

I had a bit more trouble with parties completing King Mog than on Tai, but the second group I got shot him down the first time, even with a new tank in the group. So, I’ve finally completed all the content for patch 2.1 and am moving on towards Leviathan! Yay!

I’m also catching up on the past two episodes of the Hildibrand quests that I’ve missed. Always good fun. 🙂

Crafting Fun

I also reached level 40 in fishing this weekend, and went about doing the level 40 job quest, Fishing in the Rain. This made me wait for rain to fall in Gridania before I could fish up the needed raincallers. Thank goodness for the Skywatcher NPCs, or I could have been sitting there waiting for random rain forever. Once the rain started falling, though, I went to town catching those fish. I bought enough worms to just keep on fishing, and I’ve actually sold some stacks of raincallers for a pretty nice profit, considering.

Fishing in the Rain!

Working on mining up topsoil for the FC garden, I also reached level 30 miner. I spent some time crafting gathering accessories and trying to regear a bit, now that all of my gatherers are 30+. I know I’ve been very slow in leveling my crafters and gatherers, but I tend to do it whenever I feel like doing it, rather than grinding through it.

Beyond FFXIV

Aside from FFXIV, I also played a bit of Goat Simulator MMO this weekend. I’d like to play it a bit more before reviewing it, but look for a Steam Challenge post on it soon!