FFXIV: HUGE “Before the Fall” Trailer

One thing that always impressed me about FFXIV was the amount of free content the game releases regularly. At first, I thought it was because they were scrambling to add features that should have been in the original base game. But over a year later, they keep pumping out amazing and diverse patches.

We’ve got dungeons, raids, primal battles, main story content, quests, new classes, new features (chocobo stables, chocobo dyes, ventures, challenge log, housing, glamours, hunts, etc), and of course Hildibrand quests. 🙂 Sorry, GW2, but FFXIV’s patches may not be bi-weekly, but the sheer amount of patch content blows the living story out of the water any day.  And yes, I am aware I’m comparing a B2P with cashshop to a sub game… which only recently got a fluff cash shop…. but still. The amount of patch content we’ve got in FFXIV over the past year could have been an expansion on its own.

I may not always agree on how the devs release all features in FFXIV, but I love how varied content is for all play styles. For example, I’m not a raid or dungeon runner (though that Dark World looks cool), but there’s plenty of main story scenarios, Hildibrand quests and my personal excitement, the Manderville Gold Saucer. I’m sooo there with chocobo racing (it seems to be somewhat Mario Kartish) and the Triple Triad card game! I spent so much time racing and raising chocobos in FF7 and playing card games (I was better at the one in FF9 though) that I know I’m going to be sucked into these mini games. And that’s perfectly great for me!

In fact, there’s so much content coming for the next three patches that they needed a full 10 minuet trailer for it.

Glad to be on board with FFXIV.


  1. The Trailer got me even more hyped. Can’t wait to actually try the Gold Saucer or racing. ^_^

    This is what I love about the game. So much free content for everyone. Maybe it’s just me as I am a long time fan of the Final Fantasy series and as a WoW player I can say I like this a lot more than having to pay for each expansion.

    While maybe they are not as extensive as the ones in WoW, the FFXIV updates are still packed with content despite being obviously smaller. Though they come out more often.

    I wonder what they will come up with next, even with all my hype for the updates =D

  2. The story/cutscenes for this game always make me laugh. They have that decidely cheesy flavor of more recent Final Fantasy games that I love to hate and hate to sometimes enjoy.

    Everything else looks amazing though. Some of those settings are so lovely!

    1. Oh, I know. Totally cheesy Final Fantasy stuff. I’ve learned not to take any of it seriously. The seasonal events really go to town with the cheese as if the writers know and just don’t care about being over the top. I’ve grown to like it, though. 🙂

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