Can We #SaveJoystiq and Massively?

I titled this post with a question that I don’t have an answer to. Sorry for the disappointment. But I’m sure my own dismay in hearing that AOL may be closing down gaming news sites Joystiq and Massively far outweighs it. I know a lot of other bloggers have picked up on this story, first reported in this re/code article, but I wanted to add my voice to theirs – if nothing else, to continue to spread awareness.

The article was short and to the point. This is, of course, all about money, and this is AOL we’re talking about.

According to numerous sources, AOL is likely to shutter its primary video game site Joystiq, part of an extensive house-cleaning of its underperforming content properties that is taking place over the next weeks. The site, which seems to have about a dozen staffers, was founded in 2004 as an extension of Engadget and as part of Weblogs, which AOL bought in 2005.

I’m somewhat a newer reader of Massively in particular, which I’ve come to rely on for straight-up, solid gaming news. I laud the writers for telling it like it is, which really hit it off with me through various MMO launches last year.

I also really appreciate Justin Olivetti’s Global Chat series, where he shares posts that we gaming bloggers write, and highlights our questions and thoughts for the Massively audience. My posts have been included in this series a few times. I can’t tell you what a huge boost it is to a blogger to see your post and thoughts exposed in this way. I don’t know any other large news site that takes the time to do this!

I’m not sure what we can do to save these fantastic sites, but it can’t hurt to spread awareness and lend another voice to the chorus of appreciation and support.  I hope for the best for all the writers involved in giving the gaming community so much of themselves on a daily basis.