Dismayed and Torn: Daybreak Layoff Response


So, as most folks probably already know, it was announced today that Daybreak (formerly SOE) will be laying off a number of staff. For money reasons, of course. Only, the folks on the chopping block are some of the most passionate people I know on the team, such as Dave Georgeson (Smokejumper) and Linda Carlson (Brasse).

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsI may not have written a lot about Landmark lately, but Smokejumper has been a huge part of this beta experience for me. From the moment you launch the game, he welcomed the community and set the feel for the Landmark world. His passion, and the passion of Brasse, shown through in all the games they were a part of. They made it welcoming and inclusive. It was part of what I loved about the community… and their loss will be widely felt.

And while I don’t wish evil on anyone, I marvel that someone as sharply sarcastic as Smed still remains. You can call me out for holding a grudge, but I still haven’t forgotten his snide comments on the “disgusting PVE carebear servers” that would launch with H1Z1, and how he’d just have to deal with the fact that casuals who don’t like KOS PVP are playing his game. That was a total turn off, an absolute contrast to the welcoming feeling I got from games such as Landmark.

The part I’m torn about… do I continue to play Daybreak games?

I know these people put so much of themselves into these creations. I’ve put lots of money and time into some of these games myself (EQ2). Do I leave the games they worked on in frustration of the company’s direction? Or do I continue to play (even if I play very casually) because they did put so much of themselves into these games, that they’d want people to continue to enjoy them, even if they’re not on the team anymore?

Even Smokejumper requests:

It’s rather hard… Where to stand on this? Either way, it’s crushing news and a really bad move (IMHO) for those in charge at Daybreak. I wish the best to those who are being forced to move on. 🙁

Sunset. Not Daybreak.



  1. Sad, but not overly surprising. I have documented a lot on my blog my distaste for companies purely driven for profit. Some may argue that is their point but it doesn’t have to be.

    I loved my time in Landmark and still load it up now and again but was really waiting for something substantial. Shocking news, really. It’s a bad signal from a company who is probably hoping to have retention of customers.

    Shows that investors are more important than customers. Those companies rarely do, produce, or end well.

    1. I, too, was waiting for Landmark to expand a bit more before I put a lot of time into it. Now I’m worried it’ll never get the chance.

      This sort of stuff isn’t good to keep customer hopes up. I agree, it’s about investors and not about customers. But what else could we expect from such a purchase, I suppose.

      (Okay, so I had a little hope it would go well. Dummy me.)

  2. With every bit of news from SOE/DBG I feel EQN slipping further and further away…if Storybricks doesn’t get a fair shake in this game, how long will it take for another MMO to attempt next-level AI?

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