1. I have to say, I don’t have any interest in the gold saucer (I’m one of those people who says “ANOTHER mini-game? We already had one!” in RPG’s), I’m glad you guys are having fun with it. 🙂

    1. Bah. Not just “another mini-game.” Gold Saucer, Triple Triad and chocobo racing are FF classics. :p

      I spent many hours racing and breeding my chocobos in FF7. I’m happy to see it return again in more or less the same sort of way.

      1. Ah, but I don’t have the same fond memories of FF as you–I’ve only ever played 4 and 7. And 7, I only did the racing and breeding to get the best chocobo for getting the otherwise unreachable materia. 😀

    2. What are these ‘other minigames’ of which you speak? Most MMOs seem pretty cut-and-dry in that department. Gold Saucer seems to offer some of the deeper mini-games I have seen yet in this genre.

      1. I wasn’t referring to experience with MMO’s–minigames in single-player RPG’s tend to annoy me, so I’m theorizing that I would feel the same way about them in MMO’s.

    1. I think it is just a quirk of the Japanese. They tend to apply English words in weird ways. Kind of like “Level get!” when you finish a level or level up.

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