FFXIV Heavensward Expansion Release Date & Collector’s Edition Info

Quickie Info

  • Heavensward Pre-Orders Begin: March 16
  • Heavensward Early Access: June 19
  • Heavensward Release Date: June 23

This weekend, at PAX East 2015, the FFXIV team finally released the details about the upcoming Heavensward expansion that we’ve been waiting for. The release date!

Oh, and FFXIV is also coming to Mac! 😀

While June is a bit later than the “spring” release that was touted, the team claimed wanting to get everything properly polished before release. And seeing the quality of patches in their history, I’m more than willing to hunker down and wait. Besides, I still have waaaaay too much end game content to experience, and giving me until June should hopefully get me up to par on everything.

I’m really stoked about what I saw in the PAX stream videos – from the new class armors to the implementation of flight across very large, open new zones. Many of the zones appear to be sculpted around the design idea of flight, and we saw many really impressive floating structures and things to explore even up in the clouds. I was really pleased by this – flight isn’t just something tacked on to standard, ground-dwelling zones. And the mounts all looked really great!

Heavensward Collector’s Edition Information

There were three different versions of the game mentioned during the stream: A standard edition, a collector’s edition, and an all-in-one edition for those who don’t have the base game. It has been confirmed that there will be a digital upgrade option for those who do not by the CE to start with.

Prices are listed at the official Heavensward website.

Here are the bonuses you get with the CE and preorder:

Baron Circlet & Earrings

CE bonus
Griffin (flying) mount
Kain (FFIV) minion
Cecil (FFIV) helm
Dragon mount figure (for physical only)

Preorder bonus
Baron circlet and earrings
Flying chocobo minion
Early access (4 days before release)

I’m really tickled that a lot of the content from the collector’s edition will be FFIV based (my favorite ever FF console game). So, while I still would have bought the CE version, this is really just a heap of icing on my fangirl cake! 🙂