FFXIV: Shiva Down, Approaching Patch 2.5


ffxiv_03202015_222151For the first time since we started playing FFXIV, Syn and I are almost at the point where we’re on the same patch as everyone else! Well, that is until next week when the next new patch is released. XD

Tai’s Update

The last few weekends, we’ve spent a good deal of time really focusing on progressing through the main story line. This weekend, we overcame both the dungeon Snowcloak, and the Primal fight Shiva (Hard). I don’t know if it’s because we’re over geared, if we had great groups, if we’re really proficient at reading guides and watching videos before starting a new dungeon, or if we’ve just got a lot of practice from running Crystal Tower… But we walked into both of these and found them to be far, far easier than we expected them to be.

Tai's new sheild
Tai’s new sheild

The tank even semi speed ran Snowcloak, which used to be a terror for us (especially running something the first time), and neither of us broke a sweat. Perhaps these instances are meant to be a bit easier due to being a part of the required story line. I’m not going to ponder it much, but it was a good thing.

I got my second drop for Tai in the World of Darkness yesterday, as well. This is luckily enough, because I only ran it twice this week, and didn’t expect to actually earn anything. Finally purchasing my first poetic item, and upgrading it to ilvl 130 has put him at an overall ilvl 110.

I also upgraded Tai’s shield for Paladin, and practiced tanking a bit more this week. Our FC team got through both Garuda and Halatali unscathed, so I guess practice (and better gear) is helping.

I bought the first book for the Animus weapon upgrade and worked on that just a little, catching up to what Syn has unlocked on Zeb. So, end game shenanigans are out at full force. I have to do all this over on Zuri eventually, but I’m becoming more and more hopeful that we’ll see the end of the story through before the expansion’s release.

Victory Dance with Al's character after defeating Garuda
Victory Dance with Al’s character after defeating Garuda

Zuri’s Update

I’ve been working hard on completing crafting turn-ins and Ixali quests every day. Zuri is now level 35 in every crafting profession (except one – but only a tiny tick away from hitting 35). I finally pushed through to level 37 on Culinarian in order to unlock Steady Hand II, which is a big help in getting more high quality crafting success. I also unlocked the Respected reputation with the Ixali, which continues to increase daily quest difficulty and rewards.

Syn has decided that she wanted to level Zeb as a Paladin (snicker). We spent time spamming leves in the level 20 area, where I finally got Zuri to level 26 Thaumaturge (a class I can never spell nor pronounce) to unlock the Swiftcast skill for my healers. After rushing up five levels, I was finally getting the hang of the whole fire-ice swap thing, but I still doubt I’d ever play Black Mage as a main class. One more level of White Mage will unlock Stoneskin, and I’ll feel better kitted out to continue leveling my baby Scholar.

Oh, and look at this awesome item my retainer brought back for my personal house – adorable tonberry couch!




  1. BLM doesn’t really come into its own with the fire/ice swap thing until 38 when you have both Fire III and Blizzard III — those each swap you to full stacks of their respective affinities and allow for a much smoother swapping in the rotation. For single-target boss fights it essentially becomes Lightning III while the tank is pulling, then Fire III to get your 3 stacks, Fire I until low mana (hitting the Fire 3 proc when it happens), Blizzard III to swap into ice phase, Lightning 2 (yes, 2), then Fire 3 again becuz by the time you’ve cast L2, the 3-stack ice affinity has fully regenned your mana already) and then repeat the process. And of course if Cloudburst procs, hit Lightning 3.

    Yeah, BLM is a very easy rotation. AE’s a little interesting after 50 when you weave Flare in and then have to deal with Convert, Transpose, and potions to jumpstart your mana regen again. But overall, I love it. I was fine with using Transpose all the time before 38, but after 38….. class really came into its own for me then.

    Of course if all you need is Swiftcast for cross-classing, then 26 is it 😉

    1. Maybe one day if I have the time and the curiosity, I’ll keep leveling BLM. I’m kinda taking a breather after pushing PAL to 50, and I have lots of gear waiting for my SCH once I get that to 50. So, that’s where I’d focus next.

      Rotations always sound complex when I read them, but with practice, they become more obvious. I suppose if I can do the Dragoon’s crazy-long rotations, I can learn others! Not that I do Dragoon perfectly or anything. XD

  2. Yay, progress! 😀

    Hopefully it won’t be _too_ much longer before I’m up there with you guys. Thanks for all the help with the lower-level dungeons!

    1. Yeah, you’re leveling fast! Congrats on your first artifact armor! 😀

      Pretty soon we’ll be helping you with high level dungeons. 🙂

      1. Yep!

        I just wish the Choral Attire didn’t look quite so… well, let’s just say that I was much happier with how Zakhin’Dakh looked in the armor he had in the picture up above. But that’s since I’m going for more of a Ranger than Bard look with him.

  3. Glad to see you are progressing. =)
    One thing though, you need to be more sure of yourself, I hope I used the right expression, as it means you just are that good to be able to progress that easily. 😉
    Anyway, hope the future endeavours you undertake go just as smoothly ^^

    I still need to get swiftcast tho >.> Only thing I really worked on are my crafters ^^;

    1. I don’t remember where I heard Snowcloak and Shiva were difficult, but I was under the impression they were. Maybe they were back when they first released?

        1. I agree, you probably just have gotten used to unforeseen situations. Frankly after WoD and all that is happening there… Some things kind of feel a lot easier.

          I can say when comparing when I first did those and after. You know what to do and are prepared for it. Not to mention you react faster.

          So yeah, you’ve gotten that good ^^

  4. Hurrah for almost catching up!!! I’m not going to be anywhere close to catching up. 😛

    I love hearing about what all you folks do that have had more experience with the game. Some of it seems so far off, but I can’t wait to experience it all! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Also, that couch is ADORABLE!!! I can’t wait to figure out housing!

    1. You’ll get there! Don’t worry. I never thought I’d get this far, honestly. I always expect things to be harder or more difficult than they will be. It’s usually nothing reading a guide or watching a video before hand (or even better, having a knowledgeable FC member) can’t help you with.

      Housing is, sadly, a very expensive thing to figure out. I keep hoping this might change with the expansion. You might be better off into looking at the private rooms in your FC house. It’s much cheaper if you don’t mind not owning your own house, and you can decorate it pretty much the same!


        1. You’re very welcome to, my house is open to the public. It’s kinda hermited away in a far corner of the housing neighborhood, and a great little private place for me to do my daily crafting. 🙂

          I don’t have much in the way of interior decorating yet – I mostly just have what retainers bring me at this point. I really want to do more with it, but that requires either higher level crafting or lots of gil. XD

        2. I need to drop by too XD See what you did and all 😉
          My own house is open to public too so feel free to drop in… still a bit empty but working on it XD

          Also if you have any questions regarding housing, then ask =3 I did a bit of research and I hope I can answer questions about that and the game ^^

        3. Pretty much all you’d see is a Tonberry couch, a few tables and such, and the Hildibrand pictures on the wall! I don’t think I even have a bed yet. I’m lucky to have the couch! XD

        4. You’ll get that a lot. I’m certain that my retainer breaks into other people’s houses and swipes their decor… and their doors, windows, roof, etc. Then he brings it to me to get rid of the evidence.

        5. Haha… if stuff comes up missing, I know where it went! Who else has access to all of my belongings? Retainers!

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