FFXIV: Practice Dungeons and Face-Melting FATES

I actually took a little break from FFXIV Sunday afternoon to play and troubleshoot Sims 4, but I still accomplished a whole lot over this weekend. Syn and I finally completed all story content for Patch 2.4 and have made a good bit of progress into patch 2.51. There’s no way we’re going to finish it before tomorrow’s patch drops, but it’s nice to be on relevant content for the first time ever!

I’m going to concentrate on progressing Zuri tonight – she hasn’t even done Snowcloak yet. When I have played her this weekend, it’s for leveling crafting (dinged my first level 40 crafter!) or practicing scholar.

Practice Dungeons FTW

Syn’s been pretty steadfast about leveling Paladin on Zeb, usually in FC-based practice dungeons. Not that I mind, because my Scholar is of similar level, so that’s working out for both of us. FC folks also have DPS in the lower or mid 30s that need leveling experience, so Saturday was a series of learning dungeons for us.

After a Wanderer’s Palace run

I’ve never been much of a dungeon runner, but I admit leveling with FC members in dungeons has been a super-fun time. There’s no pressure to perform perfectly. We can practice and learn mechanics and our own class nuances. And even when my net misbehaved (it dropped me TWICE and always on a BOSS fight!), no one got angry after a wipe no one could control. Get it together Time Warner Cable! |:<

I’m learning a LOT about playing a Scholar… and it’s a bit more complex than Let-The-Fairy-Autoheal. I did some research on whether I should micro-manage Eos (yes, I should), and learned about macros that allow you to mouse-over heal. This has to be the best discovery I made all week… mouse-over healing has officially made my life so much easier. I love it!

Later that night, one FC member wanted to dust off his tank and practice upper level dungeons to get back in the swing of things. This was good because another FC member needed Wanderer’s Palace for a Relic Book, and neither Syn nor I had even unlocked the dungeon, much less run it before.

Yes. We’re ilvl 110+ and have never run Wanderer’s Palace. I told you, I’m not much of a dungeon runner.

However, when a FC member offers to teach the dungeon, and it’s a practice run which has a lot of benefit for us all, it sounded like a good idea. It ended up being a LOT of fun – another no-stress learning experience made great by patient people who were there to teach, learn and help. We downed the King Tonberry and fun was had by all. 🙂

Face-Melting FATES

Amoon, Kett, and Zuri as the FATE-wandering Arcanist Brigade!

I didn’t get to practice my new mouse-over skills in a dungeon yet, but Sunday saw us running a FATE train around Coerthas. It started out small, until other FC members decided to get in on the action. It helped that there was a HUGE group of people out there running FATES that afternoon. I was really surprised it was that active on a Sunday, as I haven’t seen a FATE party of that size since Ninja was released.

We melted a lot of FATES out there, including wining The Eyes Have It, which I haven’t seen finished in a long time. It was so fast that the group gained a few levels in a short time, leaving my Scholar at level 38 for the afternoon. I love big FATE groups like that, and it’s even more fun when FC folks join in and we can all earn experience, seals and points for the FC.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s patch, which is set to finish up the main scenario story until Heavensward releases. While I may not be able to jump into that instantly, I’m happy for the removal of the loot restriction in World of Darkness, as well as the buff in earning MGPs in the Gold Saucer. I’ve slacked off my activities in the Saucer (aside from the daily Cactpot), so it’s good to know rewards are going to see an increase, especially in chocobo racing.

Every Post Should End with King Tonberry