Sims 4 Patches Bunny Egg Hunt

With the newest Sims 4 patch, the devs included a limited-time Bunny Egg Hunt within the game. In the spirit of spring and Easter, your sims can randomly find colorful eggs (which are decorative items) from harvesting plants, mining stones, and catching frogs. There are 10 different eggs to find to complete the collection. When you find all 10, you get a free special Bunny the Bun Bun stuffed toy in the mail. Apparently, this also unlocks the ability to purchase the bunny in the toy section as well.

Though the toy is a per-household reward, it didn’t take me very long to gather all the eggs needed to earn the toy. But time and effort really weren’t the focus here. I’m just stoked to see a free mini-event like this patch its way into a game like Sims 4.

Anyone will tell you that I love holiday events in MMOs that I play. But my single player games? I don’t expect them to patch in limited time content like this. I knew that the Sims 4 patching structure had changed for the better, allowing the devs to push out free content updates and fixes at a speed we’ve never seen in previous Sims games before. We did get neat items for Halloween and Christmas – even new radio stations.

But this is the first time that I know of that they patched an actual time-limited event like this. I really, really applaud this direction. It makes me excited to think what else they can do now that they’ve crossed over into live event territory.

I did break down to buy the new expansion (a review on this later). I’ve been taking a little break from MMOs to brush up on my Simming skills, sort through all the new content I haven’t spent enough time with, and mess around with the Get to Work expansion.