FFXIV: Impatient Tanks & Chrysalis Fail


I really haven’t done a lot of FFXIV gaming this week since I’ve been involved with both Sims 4 and 7D2D. I also haven’t done much blogging this week due to trying to keep up with my word count for Camp NaNoWriMo. Sadly, I’ve been struggling a LOT with getting any sort of fiction on the page, so I decided to blog a bit today to warm up.

Impatient Tanks

I wanted to touch on a topic that bugs me a little – impatient tanks in FFXIV.

Now, disclaimers before I start: 

  1. For the most part, the FFXIV community is a good bunch. But things seem to change with end game story scenarios and hard mode dungeons. Must be the Poetics runs?
  2. I’ve run across impatient players of ALL classes. So, yes, I know it’s not just tanks that can be this way.
  3. I respect good tanks for the job they do. I leveled PAL to 50, and while I haven’t done any higher level content yet, it’s not an easy job for me to play.

That being said, there are also jerky tanks and people who only seem to tank not because they want to help lead a group, but because it gets them that insta-queue. This sort of tank will bail the moment it seems like the dungeon or instance is going to take longer than they’d like. I’ve seen it too many times.

I even see tanks bailing in the queues themselves. As a DPS, I’ll sit there for 40 mins only to watch the queue rotate through tanks (and sometimes healers). I don’t know if it’s true, but it sure seems like a tank will hit the queue, in three to five mins, if it doesn’t pop, they drop and probably queue up again to find something faster. That’s the life of a DPS.

Chrysalis Fail

Syn and I were trying to tackle the Chrysalis for the first time last night for our story progression. We were already somewhat un-enthusiastic about trying it, but we swallowed our nerves and did it anyhow. I watched the queue tank juggle for over 20 mins until we finally got two who would stick.

A few of us were new, though Syn and I watched videos before we went in and had an idea of what was going on. Naturally, we wiped on the meteor section the first try, but I thought that we had a pretty good grip on what to expect after going through it the first time.

Somewhere during the second round with the boss, we lost one of our DPS. It looked like a net drop or something, because they didn’t just up and leave, we had to eventually vote dismiss them. While we did a lot better on the meteor phase the second time, because we were down a DPS, we wiped again – frustratingly with the Tear just having a sliver of life left to it.

We were very close to beating that phase, and the team seemed to have a good grasp on what to expect now, so we dismissed the DPS, hoping to fill that spot with another. What happens then?

One of the tanks drop. >:(

Tai's new tanking armor.
Tai’s new tanking armor.

I couldn’t help but feel somewhat annoyed about it at this point, though I know it’s a fact of MMO life. Still, in the end, the time was ticking down, we were down a tank and a DPS, so after waiting a bit, we chose to abandon the instance. By that time, my sister was texting me for a 7D2D run, so it was a fail night for us in the progress department. At least we know what to expect next time.

Anyhow, that impatient tank was really a letdown to the party who was honestly giving it their best try and learning from mistakes. Those tanks who seem to think insta-queues are the Seven’s gift to meat shields better enjoy it for now. Come Heavesward, everyone and their grandmother seems to be wanting to roll a Dark Knight. Let’s see how you like the queues then! 😛

(No, I’m not a bitter DPS who has seen over an hour queues for something I really needed to pass. Not at all…) XD

On a more positive note, I earned enough Tomes to pick up Tai’s tanking chest piece. However, this thing is HUGE on him – the armor is like two sizes too big and just looks rather strange on a fairly lean-built character. Not a fan of the design or the color… but I guess all this will be replaced eventually, anyhow. XD


    1. If that’s true, the right thing to do is communicate that to the team before dropping the instance. He left without a word directly after the second wipe, and right after we communicated that we needed to replace the missing DPS. I’ve played the higher level content enough to know when someone is just rage dropping. It happens quite a bit.

      Tank dropping was a huge problem when FFXIV first released because they can just drop something and jump back in the queue and get an insta pop most the time. That’s why FFXIV had to place a 30 min penalty for people who dropped before spending a certain amount of time in a dungeon – it was really that rampant of an issue, and usually with the tank.

      1. This is true. I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

        Hope your next attempt goes better!

        (Also hoping to get through Castrum Meridianum and the Praetorium on Saturday, but we’ll see if that actually happens… =P)

        1. I’m probably going to be tied up with a lot of 7D2D this weekend, so I don’t know how much time I’ll spend in FFXIV. You can always use the duty finder to hit them up – you don’t have to wait on us. These shouldn’t have long queues.

          Just know that DF or not, both of those dungeons are going to be speed runs. No one stops for the cutscenes or anything in those dungeons, and there are a LOT of them you’re going to have to skip constantly. If you don’t skip, you’ll get left behind and locked out. I dislike this a lot and it’s a reason why I don’t ever run these if I don’t absolutely have to.

          Welcome to high level content! XD

          Honestly, these dungeons were kinda badly designed to shove story in between battles. In the end, it didn’t work. Just view the cutscenes on YouTube or go to your Inn room to watch the story. Sorry. 🙁

        2. Yeah, it does seem like trying to hold out for a mostly-FC group isn’t going to work out for me. 🙁

          I suppose I’ll have to deal with the speed-running.

        3. Yeah, just power through it and get it over with – that’s what Syn and I have to do for most content. With these 8-man dungeons, we’re not likely to get enough FC folks together for a full run.

          You should be fine to hop in a Duty Finder – you’re gonna have to start doing that from here on out for the most part since much of it isn’t just 4 man content anymore. Just tell people there that you’re new and try to be informed the best you can about the mechanics before you go in.

          Usually, you don’t see wipes on these dungeons because most people running them for roulette are very familiar with them, and usually overgeared. You’d have to have a pretty reckless group to wipe (though I’ve seen it happen once).

    1. To my credit, while I main DPS, I also play both a tank and a healer – gotta love FFXIV class-switching mechanics. So I’m not totally one sided… I just know DPS life much better! XD

      I’d also not drop out on a group if I was a tank unless we all decided it was a hopeless run. I’ve done my share of patient teaching – I’ve even taught new tanks positions and mechanics on primals to help the group succeed (while I was playing DPS).

      I got a lot of commendations for that run. 🙂

      1. Well to be fair, everyone is bitter about something: tanks are bitter about dps front-loading burst damage or ignoring target priority; healers are bitter that they get blamed for not being able to heal through stupid; and dps are bitter about long queue times. 😛

        1. Haha… true. I’m not actually bitter, though. I don’t like the queues, but I deal with it. I was mostly joking. 🙂

  1. While it sucks about the tank, at least you made enough of an attempt that you should be able to succeed next time. Maybe even explain to others.

    But, personally, I think there needs to be some improvements made to the system to make life better for DPS and stop so many people just dropping in the middle of the run.

    The only ideas I’ve had so far is a three times a day agreement to play a certain class for players. Like, let’s say, you sign up to play a Warrior for dungeons that day, and you’ll get a message to join a dungeon run when two DPS have been waiting for five minutes. Naturally, the Warrior would need a bonus to incentify them – like say if you receive a commendation it’s worth two for one of them and their own loot drop instead of sharing with others. To make up for all of the tanks and healers that would use this system, they have to roulette twice that day as the job you’ll jump in as – and they can’t both be, let’s say, expert roulette.

    As for dropping, along with the thirty minute lockout, I think they should remove all progress made for the fight or dungen. The loot you just won? Can’t keep it unless you finish. That sort of thing.

    Other than that, I think they should add onto the new player bonus. Like double the drop rate if the new player participated in the boss fight, a .5 extra to experience if they watched the cutscenes, and some tomestone bonuses at the end if they participated enough in the dungeon.

    But, I’m not really sure how you would handle speed runners. Average the time between bosses or beating trials, and put a second timer underneath it and have it lower loot drop percentages if you are too fast? Don’t have this feature in Party Finder so speed runners would lose a lot of bonuses like the new player bonuses but would be able to speed run without penalty. Maybe make speed running a Party Finder thing where if you beat before the second timer, everyone gets their own loot.

    Yes, I am just spitballing.

  2. Well, sorry to see that you and Syn had such bad experiences with it. When I was doing it with Aria we also had a similar time. I mean we managed to finish but some content is just like that, needed to be learn and some just have no patience for it.

    Well Duty finder is like that but I may have not done a lot of them, I can say I have at least some experience as I did most of my progress through it. Wiping several times on one mob pack or boss is not fun, but the same applies when a gamer rage quits on you.

    Honestly, I have seen many different types of players, that is tanks, healers and dps, who would stick with you no matter how many wipes you had. I once spent half the time wiping on a boss, but till the end no one dropped and even after the time was over and we failed, everyone was just nice about it. I mean they dropped a “GG”, some pointers after and during the fight, but no one raged even after the fail.

    Yet it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, as everyone most probably knows. As many good runs as I had I had just as much, if not more, of fail runs. I mean there were many reasons, either one or more players just didn’t have the patience to explain it to a new person, or just expected everyone to know the tactics and how the dungeon flows… only to quit at the first mention of a fail or being new.

    I had a player quit on me just because I was new… at the beginning of a dun after they saw the popup. Worst one was when the… tank I believe… was going at other people for making mistakes, just to be pointed out his own. I mean he then said he was new and quit but come on, you don’t rage on others when they try to help then quit.

    Sorry rambling a bit. Bottom line is, as many as there are players in the game, each will be different, you get super nice people who stick with you even if you fail… or ragers who outright quit after a wipe. Thing is not to get discouraged or to become like them. Even if it is frustrating, don’t get discouraged, even when you fail or have bad runs, you can do it next time, or the one after.

    I myself am getting frustrated if someone points things out to me, but outright quitting a dungeon or raid run with randoms, just because I fail or don’t know what to do… well I can always ask for pointers, no matter what others comment or say, that is their opinion, which may or may not be biased and based on stress or things like that.

    I’ll stop now, as I just want to say, not to give up, even if it is hard. Randoms can cause stress and make you agitated… but all in all the same thing happens outside of the game. SOrry for writing so long, I tried getting my thoughts out, hope this is not too chaotic…. or the length of a blog post v.v

    1. I’m not really upset or discouraged about this. I know this kind of stuff happens and I’m usually expecting it with these higher level dungeons and trials (people seem to be more rude and wanting speed runs more often than in lower level content).

      I just wanted to write a bit about what I see with impatient tanks. And it’s not always tanks, I know that. It’s just tanks that effect the party most if one does drop. Chances are, they aren’t going to queue for a high level trial already in progress because they usually have a quick queue. So to lose a tank usually means that’s the end of the group at that point.

      I’m looking forward to how things are going to change when Dark Knight comes out. Hopefully it will encourage more people to tank, and even out the numbers a bit so that duty finder goes faster on average for everyone.

      I’ve always been suspicious that that’s the main reason they did make Dark Knight a tank… they knew it would be tempting, even to folks who wouldn’t normally tank. If so, it’s a clever move!

        1. I agree with that. Would help a lot. At least there would be more chances to get a tank midgame if another quits. We’ll see how it goes in the expansion =) One thing I can say is that they are always making the game better =D

      1. Well they did add all three types, but it might be why they made the Dark Knight a tank instead of a dps. I just hope it doesn’t end like the usual new class hype. I mean rush to 50 and forget. I need to work on my tanks a bit more, which I have been doing lately. But that is beside the point XD

  3. Being the tank I haven’t experienced this yet haha. I do understand the importance of being a tank though, it’s a position where you have a lot of influence over the flow and feel of the dungeon run and as such I always try and remain friendly, ask questions and have a little fun while playing.

    1. There’s certainly really good tanks out there – we had some that were quite patient with us this weekend. And we also had a few more that just drop without a word when things aren’t getting finished as fast as they’d like. So you never know what you’re going to get with the DF.

      The sad thing is, once a tank drops from the end game stuff, you might as well just vote to quit because you’re probably not going to get a replacement. Not many tanks queue up with the “Join in progress duty” checked because they don’t need to. They usually get really fast queues.

      We’ve had to abandon several times this weekend simply because one tank left us and we couldn’t replace. It’s disheartening.

      I know you’d never be one of those tanks, though, so it’s good to know that folks who care about their team are taking up the tough roll. Keep doing it because this game needs you!

      1. Well this just makes me want to level my tank even more… Also I will make a mental note to always have the option to join in progress on…. just so I can help people out. Jeez everyone wants to have fun but some people can be just meh.

        Well there are great people out there. no matter the class so I guess it balances itself out somehow… Don’t want to sound cliche but “With great power comes great responsibility…” Well at least I know, or at least think that there are more friendly and supportive people out there and not. ^^

  4. Just a note here, but I’ve definitely felt the same frustrations as you have re: tanks quitting. Most tanks seem to be quite arrogant, and if they don’t rage-quit on you, they’ll lecture you instead. And yes, there are tanks who believe that they can pull every single thing in the nearby area and still expect healers to keep up while in reality, this really isn’t possible even through crazy fast healing. Playing as a healer, there have been times when I’ve literally had to tell a tank to not pull too much at once. And speaking of patience, if you happen to play on a server where there is a good population of Japanese players such as Tonberry, you’ll find they’re the nicest people to play with. For instance, the other day I was doing Praetorium as my main scenario roulette, and I watched the cutscenes right before the second Ultima Weapon fight and the Lahabrea fight as well. The whole party had pretty much been chilling and chatting among themselves up until this point, though we all skipped the other cutscenes, and while I didn’t expect for them to wait for me to finish my cutscenes, I found that they had. No one had anything rude to say about it afterward either. Even though this was not my first time watching these cutscenes, I have read elsewhere that several people seem to be of the opinion that not rushing a first-time dungeon and respecting people who want to watch the cutscenes when there is a first-timer should be a priority, and I fully agree with it.

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