FFXIV: The Japanese Horror Story

There will be spoilers for folks who haven’t played Tam Tara Deepcroft Hard Mode.

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Japanese Horror Style Cutscene

I’m a bit of a horror buff. I love myself some creepypasta and stories that just send chills over your body. So, when I saw people passing around a video of a ghost sighting in FFXIV, my curiosity was captured. I had to do some research.

I’m probably a bit behind the curve on this since I’m not a dungeon runner in FFXIV. Chances are, I probably haven’t even unlocked Tam Tara HM. So for those who already know this story, maybe just reflect on it again. I’m new to it and enthralled.

I keep lauding FFXIV on the quality of its writing. This is an example of MMO writing done well. In fact, this kind of writing, which links an encounter you have when you were still a fairly new player at level 15 to a chilling story that plays out in a HM level 50 dungeon is simply brilliant. And, apparently, the story may not end there.

This video does a great job in breaking down all the elements of the story from the beginning to the end. It’s a little long, but worth a watch for the full lore experience.

According to the wiki entry about Edda, there’s a less than 1% chance that her ghost can appear in any of the three main cities at night for a few seconds. Someone on Reddit captured this appearance on video here:

Spoooky! I hope this doesn’t stop here because… man… I’m really interested in this!


  1. I admit to having a love/hate relationship with Asian-style horror. After seeing some Japanese and Korean movies – or rather, just bits of them – I can’t find much western horror actually scary anymore. But I hate hate hate the feeling of being so supremely freaked out…until it wears off, then I reluctantly stick my head back into the hornet’s nest.

    So, I am both delighted and appalled that FFXIV has this element in it. I didn’t watch the vids or read any spoilers, but a truly scary experience is lacking in all MMOs outside of TSW, so big props to Squeenix for doing it!

    (Btw I just went through the Virgula Divina story mission in TSW…as soon as I saw the children’s playroom and the doll I was chanting NOPE NOPE NOPE for the rest of the mission…that girl…omfg)

    1. This was something that was introduced as part of everyone’s personal storyline, but only hung around very briefly. It started out as a story about a failed white mage who couldn’t heal the tank properly and got him killed – pretty typical.

      Except, in this case, the tank was dead-dead (not just revive at the start of the dungeon), and decapitated. What I remembered most was that the tank was the healer’s fiance, and she actually kept his severed head. Which was… uh… okay. I kinda brushed that off as some weird anime stuff.

      But then, you don’t hear from that NPC ever again in the main storyline. In fact, the Asian horror stuff didn’t actually play out until you did a level 50 hard mode dungeon. Which, as I stated, I’ve never done, so I had no idea this story continued in this way. And I’ve played this game for over a year. This isn’t something new.

      So while it’s in the game, it’s not something thrown in your face. In fact, it took my by surprise, so that’s why I wrote a blog post about it. It is up there with Secret World caliber stuff, though. Just in that Japanese way.

    1. Same here, I loved the side quest… even if it was morbid. I mean who doesn’t like a good scare once in a while?

      To be honest I was spooked when I saw that, yet also I could understand the why and how it happened. Still I hope they continue this somehow as it can only get better =D

      Also when I saw it I seriously thought: “I should have recorded that.” XD

  2. Thank you for the spoiler warning. I appreciate that. I really want to know more, though, so I’m bookmarking for after I get through my first HMs. Which are a bit away. 🙁

        1. That’s fine. Dungeon running has never really been my thing, to be honest. I just do it to progress and I do it when other people need help.

          I much prefer Crystal Tower stuff for fun grouping action. 🙂

  3. There, played through the dungeon. It is, indeed, pretty creepy, particularly if you have time to read the little journal pages scattered around.

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