#NBI2015Safari – Introducing GW2 Kneel Face Selfies

Shortly after GW2 was released, an European friend of mine, Mr. Charming Charr, blogged about something fun. If you have a charr character, you use the /kneel emote, and you twist your camera in just the right way, you can view the interesting “smiling” expression your charr makes.

Very soon, the term Kneel Face was born on Tumblr, and charr were using it to take “selfies.” There is even a Tumblr dedicated to these Kneel Faces, where players have submitted their selfies to be shared.

One of my most memorable Kneel Faces was during the Dragon Bash festival. Back when Lion’s Arch was still around, they had this huge Shatterer hologram flying over the city.

I decided it was perfect to make a Shatter Kneel Face photobomb with my favorite charr, Nipp Mousetrap.

Another Kneel Face of note, though it’s not my screen shot – I hope that Charming Charr doesn’t mind that I share it.

Mr. Charming was my first Tumblr friend. He welcomed me to the GW2 community back during beta, and we were excited for the launch so we could finally meet and play together. Only, that couldn’t happen, because GW2 didn’t allow folks on the US servers to guest on the EU servers. We were pretty crushed about that, but remained friends via Tumblr.

I don’t remember what the event was – maybe it was a GW2 free trial or something? But somehow, we were able to create another account and all of the US and EU Tumblr folks were able to finally meet during a huge Tumblr party on the EU servers. This was the lovely Kneel Face photo he took of our characters together, finally meeting after over a year. It was a good time. 🙂