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#NBI2015Safari – High Fantasy. Literally.

This week’s entry for the #NBI2015Safari is in the theme of high fantasy.

Because if a flying, winged rat who is dual wielding sparklers is not high fantasy, I don’t know what is. Get it? High…? Fantasy..? Nevermind.

Flying “mounts” are really the best part of EQ2 for me. I don’t play the game often, and really haven’t made that much progress in it over the past many years, but I love to fly.

I also love this dive bombing shot I got of my Ratonga, Nipp Wayrunner, a few years back.


And here’s another shot of her from a different angle, just so you can see her better.


Not a part of this safari, but equally as adorable, I have to post a screen of Nipp with her bunny mount. Just too cute! 🙂


And for size comparison…


*sigh* I love tiny Ratonga. 🙂



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17 thoughts on “#NBI2015Safari – High Fantasy. Literally.

  1. That’s pretty cool! I love the idea of a winged mouse with sparklers. I don’t play that game; but it looks awesome. Also, that mount!? NICE.


    1. Thank you! I love the ratonga race – it was pretty much the biggest draw for me to EQ2. If you ever get bored of whatever you’re playing, it’s an oldie but goodie to try as F2P now days. 🙂


  2. Haha, that’s great! I may need to steal that “high” idea from you soon!

    And that buuunnny… It is adorable. Makes me want GW2 to produce a bunny mini stat.


    1. I’m pretty sure that’s not what Murf meant by “high” fantasy, but I thought it was funny. Or maybe I’m just amused with myself too easily. XD

      Anyhow, thank you!


  3. OMG Ratonga with wings is adorbs!!!

    I played EQ2 for a short stint. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t feel like there was much community where I was at. Granted, hubs and I were following a friend as they tried to re-find a home after leaving the game we met them in.


    1. Yeah, it’s kinda tough to find a community in EQ2 unless you hook up with an active guild there. My old guild from when the game went F2P is pretty much a ghost town right now, though. 😦


    1. Thank you! The bunny mount is great because it can jump super high (like all jumping mounts)! I tried to find a video of it, but I couldn’t find one of the bunny, so just imagine the below raptor as a bunny mount because they all leap the same. 🙂


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