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Weekend Highlights: Crafting Forever in FFXIV, Base Building in H1Z1, More Windward!

I discovered you can dye the gambler's coat!
I discovered you can dye the gambler’s coat!
My Pretty New Ship!
My Pretty New Ship!

I’m just coming off a three day weekend, which is always tough to do. For all the time off, I didn’t really do anything super exciting in the gaming world. I think part of that is just that lull before the expansion in FFXIV.


I’ll start with Windward because first thing Saturday, my net went down for about 5 hours. Bleh. So, anything I played had to be offline, therefore, I put a good bit more time into Windward. The game is slowly getting more difficult, and has its frustrations, but I still enjoy it overall. I think I have enough time under my belt to write a proper review this week!

FFXIV: Crafting Forever

Closer... Closer...

I’m slowly, slowly crawling towards level 50 on all of my crafting and gathering classes. I’m still totally focused on doing just the daily Grand Company turn-ins. It’s kinda random how much experience I get from these, since it all depends on whether you manage a HQ turn in, and if you have a special bonus for a particular class that day.

I do the best I can to turn in the best I can make. But between crafting, gathering, running out of materials to craft, then having to gather more, and figuring out where materials are stored on my retainers, even a good night clocks me in over an hour’s worth of time every day. Sometimes up to 3 if I’m really unlucky with the materials I need.

I’m trying to hang in there and push on to cap – I know I can at least get my gathering classes up there. I do know that come expansion, I’ll just have to push towards 60 anyhow, so I’m honestly not even really sure why I’m focusing so hard on this. I guess it’s just a goal because I need other non-combat goals from time to time. 🙂


Just as we were finishing up our first base in H1Z1, Smed decided it was a good time to completely wipe the servers again. Something about hackers and banning and security stuff that had no effect on me. Wiping my base, however, did. So we had to start all over again this weekend.

Learning from the first time, I decided to try building a base with a ground tamper. This seems more safe, because we had times where creatures could run up under the deck-style foundations and kill us from underneath. Not cool. After finishing walls and doors, I built some platforms for my zombie hunting troop to snipe bears, and they were content.

Building a New Base
Building a New Base

Steam Stuff – Watching a Game vs. Playing It

I also played a bit of Majesty, which I wrote about here.

Along side of that, I put some time into Lone Survivor for my Steam Challenge series. I like the game so far, but (don’t shoot me, this is bad, I know) I almost feel like it’s a game I’d rather watch someone play than play it myself. I don’t even know why… this is the first time (aside from Five Nights at Freddy’s) where I am truly interested in the story of a game, think the idea and atmosphere are both great, but just don’t want the pressure of actually playing the game. I’d rather watch it.

Have you ever had that happen? Does that mean I’m getting old when I’d rather watch a game than play it? XD

I may have to write a post about that. Hmmm.


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