My Thoughts: ArcheAge Announces Server “Evolution” Merges

Oh man. If I hadn’t already quit ArcheAge, I’d probably be doing it now.

I re-rolled my main character on one of the low pop servers because there was no land on the more populated servers at launch. Even then, I was lucky to get the spot that I did as land quickly filled up. I can only imagine the drama and fireworks this is going to cause if people who have owned their land for this long (end of the year = maybe over a year) are suddenly uprooted and thrown together on one server to have to do it all over again.

A real good way to lose subscribers – the only ones who can actually own land, aside from the bots.

When will the Evolution take place?
– Toward the end of this year. We don’t have a date yet, and there are a LOT of technical details to work out. It also gives you all lots of time to think of additional concerns or questions for us to address.

What exactly will happen during the Evolution?
– We are still looking at a number of options before solidifying the process. The basic plan is as follows: new servers will be created, and players from current low population servers will be moved to these shiny new servers. Yes, that means… LAND RUSH! All other details are under evaluation.

What servers will be affected?
– All current servers MAY be involved in the Evolution in one way or another. At this time, we are primarily focused on the needs of the lowest population servers. Some of the high population servers may be affected if we allow transfers to and from them. We feel it’s important to let our invested high pop players know they will not be forcibly moved off their servers.

As of June 1, our tentative plan is as follows…
Candidates for Evolution due to low populations:
Enla, Ezi, Calleil, Inoch, Lucius
Not currently considered candidates for Evolution:
Aranzeb, Kyrios, Ollo, Naima, Salphira
To be determined (population will be reviewed as we get closer to the Evolution date):