Trove: Lava Ceiling-Fall

I was kicking around in Trove last night, searching for ore in caves. One cave had me exploring under a lava biome, and I ran across this neat area. I’m assuming it was below a pool of lava, which gave it a lava ceiling!

2015-06-07 052913

That’s when I noticed the lava was actually slowly flowing down towards the bottom of the cave!

2015-06-07 053046

So I stuck around to see what happens when it touched down. And it did!

2015-06-07 053303


  1. My son and I came across something similar. It was a castle floating above a pool of lava. And since we were playing a Dracolyte and partially immune to the lava damage, we jumped in the pool to see what would happen and when we sank we found ourselves in the cave beneath the pool.

    1. Oh, wow. I didn’t know my Dracolyte was somewhat immune to lava damage. I should have gotten up in there to take another screen!

  2. This is so cool! I’m surprised that the lava doesn’t drip down through the floor. Guess physics don’t always apply in Trove, much like they don’t in Minecraft.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised to see it doing this here. When I first approached, it was just a little pool on the ceiling. That’s when I noticed that my presence made it start to slowly trickle down. 🙂

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