Weekend Highlights: On a FFXIV Spree, Troving Again & Secret World Mounts

Fate Train! Woo woo!
Fate Train! Woo woo!

It’s funny how only a few weeks before the FFXIV Heavensward expansion the Fate Train in Coerthas is really ramping up. I was in the mood for some open-world frolicking, so I jumped on board with both feet with my left-behind White Mage while Syn was leveling Lancer and Marauder for the final Dragoon transformation.

I don’t know why Fate running is one of my favorite things to do… as long as there’s enough people out there to do them. I find it strangely exciting to follow a huge group of people from one event to another around the map, just burning down mobs and bosses. When there’s a big enough group running out there, experience really flows, and I was able to bump my White Mage from 34 to 39 over the weekend. This made me happy since I was a bit grouchy with the time I spent leveling Scholar to 38, since I’ve decided to main White Mage as a healing class.

Since I did put the effort into leveling Archanist to 38, I went ahead and unlocked Summoner and picked up the Ifrit and Titan Egis. I don’t know that I’ll ever play Summoner that much as the playstyle of the DPS mages in this game don’t mesh with me well, but I may as well do something with it!

Unlocking Summoner
Unlocking Summoner

ffxiv_06072015_191454On the crafting front, I’m still slowly getting my crafting classes to level 50. I was stoked to finally make it with my first class – Weaver – with several lingering in the level 49 area. After taking the advice of a high-level crafter friend, I dropped a bunch of gil on the beginning of gear upgrades. I poured over some guides and learned how to unlock the Master books, as well as the books for crafting my own glamours (yay!).

I now have the cute chocobo apron, but discovered that now I need to meld some materia into it. I’m not sure if I’m willing to put that kind of money into this gear, especially with Heavensward soon to be released. From what I understand, there will be new crafting gear and a less grindy way of achieving it once the expansion hits. So, as long as I’m able to do decent crafting, I’ll be content with the gear I have.

I also managed to score another 10K cactpot yesterday, which gave me enough to purchase the Gambler Boots for Zuri. Her outfit is coming along! And now that I can start crafting my own glamours, it’s not nearly as expensive to get the look I like.

Almost the whole Gambler set!
Almost the whole Gambler set!

Other than that, I broke out the Tai-tank to assist with a Garuda normal mode run for a FC member. It’s been months since I’ve actually attempted to tank something, but I’ve been piecing together some tank gear for him. That’s when I noticed that the Paladin ilvl 55 pants are nothing but white boxers…

These are Tai's tanking boxers. Any questions?
These are Tai’s tanking boxers. Any questions?

Need to get those replaced! XD

At this point, I’m actually considering leveling Dark Knight on Tai come Heavensward. I’m not sure if the playstyle will fit what I enjoy, but it sounds pretty cool from what I’ve heard. A tank that can DPS and leech for MP (and possibly some heals)? Heck yeah! I can see myself soloing some of the old dungeons just for the fun of it.

Trying Trove Again

2015-06-08 025041
Preparing to fight a boss

I picked up Trove back when they had a $5 alpha package sale in August of last year. I’ve dabbled with it every now and then, playing when they released in Beta and a few times here and there out of curiosity. I’ve been struggling with a personal goal in the game, but was encouraged to try the game again by Ironweakness’ Trove article series at Waiting for Rez.

With the game launching officially tomorrow, I thought it was worth a time to make good on my $5 purchase and explore through Trove some more. Even since the last time I’ve played, the game has changed quite a bit. With a stronger tutorial, more small and large dungeons on maps, larger maps with new and unusual biomes, and many new classes to work towards, I certainly feel like there’s more to do in the game than when I left it. I also crafted the deconstructor for the first time and stepped into the wide, wild world of collecting styles (which I never understood or unlocked before).

This game is geared for casual collectors, builders and explorers, with a bit of battle on the side. While I don’t think Trove would ever be a main game for me, I’m totally enjoying putting a little more time into learning what it has to offer. More articles are likely to come!

Dark Days in TSW

Somewhat inspired by my recent motorcycle get in The Secret World, Syn and I decided to visit Transylvania this weekend for a little while. We actually haven’t played the game since before the new player revisions, so it’s been a while. We were happy to discover that a quest that was previously kicking our tails before the changes has been toned down just enough that it still provides challenge while not slaughtering us. This was pretty encouraging, and we managed to round up a number of smaller quests and get those cleaned up.

My new bike!
My new bike!

With Heavensward early access coming on the 19th, we’re in that state of pausing end-game activities while trying to finish up lower level stuff at the same time. Going to be exciting times very soon, though!


  1. FWIW, the i100/i110 pants are boxers and tights, so it’s not really that different of a look if you spend the tomes to get the higher level gear either. You can kind of see it here — there the white boxer, her bare leg, then the top of the tights going down into the armor from the greaves.

  2. Huzzah getting ready for Heavensward! 😀

    For myself, I finally finished the main storyline over the weekend. I’m going to write a post on that… sometime. My main goal that remains to hit before Heavensward is getting an Ironworks Bow. I’m getting close–over 900 Poetics. 🙂

    1. Oh, I was hoping to see a post about finishing the storyline and your thoughts on that! Congrats.

      I haven’t bothered to farm poetics cuz I know this game, and I know how eventually poetics will become as easy to get as the sol tomes. They’ve done it time and time again, so I always just wait for things to get easier, even if that means I’m behind on gear a bit.

      But if you’re having fun doing it, by all means, get that bow! 🙂

      1. If I wasn’t going for the Ironworks bow I’d probably just not play FFXIV until Heavensward came out, at this point. If I just log in long enough to do the Expert Roulette, I can get the Poetics I need before it comes out without too much time spent on it.

  3. Paladins with white boxers as high level gear? Wren, you should sue them for copyright infringement!

    Also, does Captain Zuri have a ship?

    1. Not yet. Guild airships come in the expansion, though. I also heard you can get mini-airships as mounts, possibly.

      I thought about the paladin-boxers thing, too. Pretty funny and ironic. XD

  4. Beware the boxers of DOOOOM~! Ok enough joking. Well for one there are always glamours to replace the pants if you need that, so it’s not that big of a deal XD

    As for myself I am still trying to organize my weekdays to actually do the things I want or had planned for months now. I just suck at organizing my day XD

    Fortunately i have finished the story already and the only thing I want to finish before Heavensward is released is to upgrade my relic. Slowly Alex farming and if I can get my hands on the materia then it shouldn’t be that bad… Am about 25+ Alex off, materiawise it’s way more though XD

    Grats on getting %0, you’re almost there. Not much to go from what I saw 😉
    Same with the other progress you’ve made =D

    To be honest there are some things I have to decide concerning FFXIV, mostly do to the playtime and who I play with. I have been bugged about some other issues so my FF playtime might be cut short due to that.

    Still I am going off topic, just wanted to say glad to see you’re making progress and good luck with your plans. =)

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