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Touring Through Trove

2015-06-08 031811

When I’m not in FFXIV working hardcore on leveling crafting on Zuri or working on getting Sol tomes to buy Tai tanking pants, I’ve been popping into Trove every now and then. This is thanks to the encouragement of Ironweakness and Kunzay, who have both shown a good deal of enthusiasm about Trove. In fact, they appear to be working together to build up a club, and I’m hoping to connect with them to help out eventually.

I picked up an alpha account for Trove last August when it went on $5 sale. Along the way, I’ve hopped in and out of the game, checking on the development and wondering what the heck this game was all about. In fact, after souring at Trion for the whole Arche Age mess, my curiosity for Trove was the only reason I kept Glyph installed on my PC.

What in the World am I Doing?

The biggest issue I had with Trove in alpha and early beta was the lack of any kind of direction. I get that it’s a sandbox and that you make your own goals. However, coupled with the lack of permanence, and I found myself lost as to what Trove was really all about.

Looking back at my first post about Trove, I see that I wrote:

I spent forever trying to find my way back to Firefly Party to find my Cornerstone. Never found it. After a bit of research, I found that you could just plop down an exact copy of your Cornerstone at any open Cornerstone spot on the map.

I’m not sure why, but this somewhat bothered me. If that’s really how it works, then (at this point), there’s no real feeling of consistent place to call home. On the other hand, maybe that’s not at all what they were trying to design for. There are “clubs” that — I think — work as a more permanent area to build. But I haven’t tried to make one yet.

After spending some more time with Trove, my mind has changed a good bit. Yes, clubs are the more permanent corner of the game for you to build. Somewhat a cross between instanced housing and a guild, it can be shared and added to by many people.

I’ve come to understand the benefit of having a portable Cornerstone now days, however. Especially when I need to refill my healing potion bottle!

Finding Direction in Trove

The devs recently added something called a Golden Thread, which is part tutorial and part feature exploration. This was a HUGE help, IMHO, in exposing a new player to the concepts that Trove wants us to explore. Not only does it reward the cubic currency, but it even helps you purchase your first alternate class!

Collecting Classes

Of course, I started out with and continue to love my Dracolyte, but it’s cool to unlock other classes, which you can switch to at any time. Collecting classes is actually one of the goals that you can work towards in Trove. Available from the game shop, you can purchase with the cubits you earn from in-game content or buy with credits (the real money currency). I think I’d much rather earn mine, though, because it gives something to work towards.

Trove Classes
Trove Classes

Collecting Styles

At heart, Trove is a collector’s dream. When the Golden Thread led me to creating a machine called the Deconstructor, I suddenly realized just how much there is to collect. When you gather weapons and armor you don’t need, you can toss them into the Deconstructor. This not only turns them into Flux (use this to upgrade items), but saves the look of the item you deconstructed in a huge style bank. At any time, you can cosmetically apply those styles to what you’re wearing for your own unique look.

There’s tons of looks to collect, some based on rarity and some based on biome theme. Collecting all these items and styles alone will take a lot of dedication and provide lots of goals to pursue.

Collecting Mounts

Rudolph Raptor
Rudolph Raptor

Mounts. Lots and lots of mounts, all obtained in different ways. So collectible.

I only have two mounts, the fastest being a little holiday raptor I got from beta, I guess. Kinda goes with the whole dragon theme, so I roll with it.

Collecting Allies

Allies are Trove’s version of pets. Like mounts, you can get them in many different ways. However, they can be useful to your character, as certain special allies can do things like buff your stats or provide healing.


I don’t know a ton about fishing yet, but it seems fishing things up and throwing them in the deconstructor earns you items or points towards your mastery level. There’s different rods and fish to collect, so it seems like it could be a lot of fun.


I know nothing about professions other than fishing, but there’s a lot to choose from. Gardening, ringcrafting, and runecrafting are all explore-able professions.

Fishing in Trove
Fishing in Trove

Building & Crafting

Of course, there’s building and crafting, which go hand in hand. You can mine up materials to use for crafting and building. You can build up your little Cornerstone, or open a Club and build a much larger, more permanent area.


The most obvious thing to do is level your classes. You do this by hopping through a level-appropriate portal to a randomly generated area created of several different biomes. Here, you wander across the land, defeating enimes and taking on public dungeons to defeat the bosses within. Defeating enough of these events during the day will earn you a cubit reward.

This whole process is much improved over what it used to be. I remember a time when you’d enter an area and there wasn’t a single un-defeated dungeon to take on, making the daily really hard to complete. Now, the lands are a lot larger and there’s more variety to the dungeons and landmarks. I haven’t had any trouble finding a boss to pick a fight with yet, which is so much better than what I remember.


Over everything else is the Mastery system. Just about everything in Trove earn you mastery points, which is actually the true measure of your “level” in the game. Earning Mastery levels also reward you with all kinds of things, such as wings at level 20. My current far-off goal. 🙂

The new Trove UI at launch
The new Trove UI

I’m sure there are other things in the game I’ve missed, but these are just some of the goals you can work toward in the world of Trove – a lot more than I gave the game credit for. I doubt I’ll ever make this a main MMO, but it’s a cute little romp to bounce around in from time to time and worth a look (or second look).


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10 thoughts on “Touring Through Trove

  1. Launch is actually July 9th, so the game is still in beta for another month. In addition to the polish patch this week I think there is a little more being introduced, including a new class between now and the 9th.

    One other thing you can work on collecting is recipes for craftable props. Some of the dungeons will have giant scrolls hanging in the sky above them, those provide recipes instead of loot from the boss. I think these may only be in Uber worlds though.

    What’s nice is you get a scroll for a biome specific recipe, say Candoria. And when you learn the scroll it will automatically add a recipe you haven’t learned before, so there’s no disappointment at having received duplicates. Unless you have them all, you’re guaranteed to learn something new. I have no idea how many there are in the game but I like collecting them for future use.


  2. I have a question, now that I’m thinking about it. How did you get a screenshot of the UI? I only know of two slash commands, one that takes a single picture without the UI and one for time lapsed shots (also without the UI), but I want to be able to capture the UI for blog posts and how-tos.


  3. Great write-up of some of the goals you can try to achieve in Trove. Fishing can actually give some (to my knowledge) rare materials, depending on the fish you deconstruct. Then, but i guess that goes hand in hand with building and crafting, there’s decorating, as well. The list of props you can build is quite long.
    But in the end, i’d only add “exploring”, not only the landscape but also features. I feel like slowly getting a grasp on what this game is about, but i love how not everything is spelled out for the players. Which biome gives what kinds of resources? Is there more ore in higher level worlds? That kind of stuff- and really, it is so great to “explore” an MMO again.


    1. Haha… I guess I thought “explore” was a given. I don’t usually “explore” as a goal, it’s just something that happens along with everything else I’m doing. But, you’re right, exploring is a huge part of Trove!


        1. I’m a huge solo person.

          So far, I’ve soloed everything without issue, but I stay in on-level areas. I think there are higher level areas that require groups, but I’ve not reached that point, so I can’t provide a lot of information.

          It seems as if other folks that come in your area can only help you complete stuff without grouping or taking anything away from you. I’ve heard that if you’re in a dungeon and someone else beats the boss, you still get the daily credit for the boss, you just don’t get the treasure.

          I have heard some classes can solo even those areas, too, with enough skill.


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