FFXIV: Heavensward Launch Day Recap (No Spoilers)

Like so many other folks, I took part in FFXIV Heavensward Early Access today. I was surprised at how smooth this launch went (for my server, at least), and was pleased to get several uninterrupted hours of playtime. I didn’t get very far into Ishgard, however, because I was totally sidetracked by leveling the new Machinist class on Zuri.

First thing’s first. Get a new hairdo for Zuri!

I thought it was pretty cute and it didn’t clip through Amon’s Hat like the Gold Saucer ponytail does.

So, with that line of business done, I proceeded into Ishgard.

I played just enough of the main scenario to open up the ability to unlock Mechanist.

Then it was time to head back to Dragonhead to join the growing FATE party!

This was supposed to be a Svara battle…

It’s pretty wild out there, though Dark Knights and Astralogians far outnumber Mechanists it feels.

In the meantime, the FC unlocked the new FC Workshop and we began building our airship!

Excited crafters are excited

Another screen of Mechanist Zuri with new hair because it’s cute.

And finally, watching the glorious Fate train roll by. My Mechanist is now level 36.