FFXIV Heavensward: Day 2 Recap (No Spoilers)

I’ve been playing FFXIV Heavensward almost non-stop today, Syn and I making way with her White Mage and my Dragoon. We’ve both made it to about halfway through level 52, and that’s with taking time out to explore one whole zone to completion (and a random WoD run on her part).

I am so thoroughly enjoying the story in Heavensward! It is taking me some time to get used to all the new voice actors, though. Some of them are so far removed from the original voices that I’m having a few issues. Nothing to be done about that, though. The writing and plot are both well done and I’m totally interested in where this is all leading us.

Oh, and the best FATE boss ever:


It’s pretty hard to post screens without spoilers, so here’s some good shots of progression.

I did unlock Dark Knight on Tai to try it out.

I Fate leveled him to 31 before heading back to the main quest stories. I plan to continue to level this class on the side, just to get a feel for it.

I’ve been using all the quest awarded ilvl 115 armor to gear up my poor forgotten Ninja. I like how this set looks on him!

I also completed my level 52 Dragoon class quest. I even got to fight this nice dragon all on my own.

Tai was pretty stoked to get his new skill, too, which I was surprised to see added a bit of much-needed utility to the class.

Oh and neat dragon cut scene picture that’s not really a spoiler because I cut out the narration, right?

I have a nice long weekend because I took Monday off, so my plans are to continue to enjoy as much of the story as time allows. We’re going to face our first dungeon tomorrow, and hopefully unlock flying in the first zone once that’s done. Still so much to do and very excited to be doing it!