FFXIV Heavensward: Free Company Airship Guide

This article is a Getting Started guide for FC airships. If you need more information on how to upgrade and progress, please check this awesome post on the official forum!

Excited crafters in my Free Company jumped right on the FC crafting projects and finished up our Free Company airship. I just wanted to write quickly about how building the ship works and what you can get from voyages.

To build an airship, you must have a FC house and purchase the Workshop addition for 800,000 gil. You access the Workshop from the same door used to access FC personal rooms.

Once you have a Workshop, you can start a building project at the Fabrication Station. There’s not just airships to build, but also other items, such as more advanced Aetherial Wheels.

You start by building individual parts of the airship: the hull, rigging, forecastle, and aftcastle. Each part has three phases of crafting and requires different material. There’s a FC chest within the Workshop, so you can have a team of crafters and gatherers working together to outfit the ship. Also, remember to assign different FC ranks with the proper permissions to build and access the Workshop features if you’re a FC leader!

Once all the materials are added to the current phase, you must gather a light party of 4 crafters within the Workshop to complete the phase and move on to the next phase. There is no level requirement for the members of the party – even a level 1 crafter of any kind will do.

Just continue to build through the phases, add materials to the airship parts, and complete the phases with a crafting party until all pieces of the ship are done. Once you have built all four pieces of the airship, you will need to purchase a Flight Credit from the Resident Caretaker in your housing area for 10,000 Free Company credits.

Take all the completed airships pieces and the Flight Credit to the Flight Control Panel in the Workshop and register your new ship. At this point, you can name your ship and start to send it on voyages.

Each voyage requires fuel in the form of Ceruleum Tanks. You purchase these at the Resident Caretaker for 100 FC credits each.

Voyages are like retainer ventures.  Our ship was able to do a flight voyage of 2, which required 2 tanks and returned the following:

Voyages also bring experience to the ship and require you to mend the ship of wear and tear. As your ship gains ranks, you can craft new parts to upgrade your ship’s performance.

There’s still a lot we have yet to learn about the system, but the FC crafters are certainly having fun contributing to the project!