Steam Personal Challenge: Checking In After A Year

Almost a year ago, I decided to issue myself a Steam Personal Challenge where I’d attempt to spend some time with games in my Steam backlog. With the Steam Summer Sale 2015 come and gone, I wanted to take a moment to look back on how my stats have changed over this time.

The Survey Says…

Before I started the Steam Personal Challenge, these were my stats taken from the Steam Calculator:

After the end of this Steam Summer Sale, here are my newest stats:

Apparently didn’t stop picking up new Steam titles. I’ve increased my library from 84 games to 125 (note that some of these were bundle buys, gifts and free games).

However, despite that, my percentage of games-not-played has decreased from 71% to 58%… which I consider a pretty good success! Yes, I am aware that I technically added 13 more games I haven’t played to my list overall, but I’m still pleased my percentage is coming down, especially since I’ve been focusing quite a bit on FFXIV since January.

Steam Summer Sale Summary

I really didn’t buy much at this Steam Summer Sale, even though I visited every day with all intentions to pick up games from my wishlist. Why? I’m not entirely certain.

Either I already owned a game on sale, or the sale price for games I’d like to pick up just weren’t enticing enough to buy. I didn’t spend over $10 on an individual game this sale, and I had a heavy debate between several survival-themed games that ended in me choosing the most discounted game of the three in the end.

I feel like such a cheap-skate, but I have a hunch that games like Cities Skylines and Pillars of Eternity will continue to drop in price if I just wait. I have so many games I’m playing already that I don’t actually feel the need to pick something up unless the sale price really wows me.

So what did I buy? 

I only bought Don’t Starve Reign of Giants because the devs were kind enough to give me a Steam copy of Don’t Starve Together for free (when I originally bought it at, which didn’t offer this free update). They also bundled in a Don’t Starve key as well, so I figured I could at least spend a few dollars on picking up the DLC, which I already owned on GoG.

I picked up The Guild Collection because my sister gushed about how great the games in this series are. It was super cheap for a huge bundle of games, so I snapped it up.

I had the itch to get an ocean-themed sandbox survival game, and Salt won out the debate. I have played this game a bit and really enjoy what I’ve seen so far. I have yet to write about it, but look for it in the future!

I haven’t played Civ V in a while, but all of the DLC was really cheap. Scenario Pack: Korea was one of the few DLC packs I didn’t own, and it seemed to have good reviews, so I dropped $2 on it.

Aaaaand… that was it, really. A lot of DLC, a bundle pack and only one stand alone survival game. I’m really cutting back this year!

So how did you fare this Steam Summer Sale?