Gaming Style for Aywren

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Calm, Spontaneous, Gregarious, and Deeply Immersed









11 responses to “Gaming Style for Aywren”

    • It seems so! I’d like to see what you score! I was surprised I was so low in the strategy area cuz I tend to like some strat games when I’m in the mood for them.


      • Self-reporting is always hard to do accurately. On the other hand, I’d argue that strong mastery/planning preferences aren’t a requirement to enjoy strategy games–sometimes you can play them based off of instinct and spur-of-the-moment decision-making and still have fun.

        Also, I took the survey while you were typing this response, apparently. 😀


        • I’m actually not very good at planning ahead in games. I don’t excel at seeing things two steps ahead of whatever turn we’re on. I can formulate basic forward moving pathways, but I’m often taken by surprise in strat games. That’s why I tend to suck at card games which require you to build up a deck synergy or to bait an opponent to do things.

          I think I enjoy the building and expanding part of games like Civ and City Builders and tend to throw actual strategy out the window. That’s why there’s an easy mode for people like me! 🙂


          • I think there’s also a kind of “What you enjoy” vs. “What’s important” thing going on. For example, I *enjoy* Mastery of a game, but it’s not *important* to my motivations, if that makes sense.


          • I agree. I think it also depends on the type of game. For example in some games, mastery, planning, or power level is less important to me than other types of games. So a lot of my answers were kinda in the middle.


  1. So I took it. I didn’t want to make an account, so no link, but here’s the results:

    Action: 1%
    -3% Destruction, 0% Excitement
    Achievement: 3%
    -1% Completion, 12% Power
    Social: 18%
    -6% Competition, 36% Community
    Immersion: 55%
    -39% Customization, 76% Fantasy, 48% Story
    Strategy: 57%
    -8% Mastery, 95% Planning


      • I almost wonder if I deliberately skewed my results towards what I thought they should be… self-evaluation is hard. =P

        I was kind of surprised I scored as high as I did on Customization… but then I remembered the one time in Galactic Civilizations II that I bothered to make a system for naming all of my different ship classes (BC-01 Fire Drake == Mark 1 Beam Cruiser of the Fire Drake class :D). And I *did* spend a fair amount of time giving FFXIV!Zakhin’Dakh his pseudo-leonine appearance.


  2. I saw the other one you did. 😀 So I did it too.

    Openness to Experience (35%)

    People who score high on Openness are inquisitive and imaginative. They like to think about “what can be” instead of “what is”. They like to think deeply and play with abstract, unconventional ideas. They enjoy trying out new things and visiting new places. They are creative, and enjoy art and aesthetic experiences.

    People who score low on Openness are practical and grounded. They are down-to-earth, traditional, and conventional. They are focused on facts and reality, and they prefer the routine and the familiar. They seek out the stability and security that comes from conforming to widely-shared, traditional values.
    Conscientiousness (35%)

    People who score high on Conscientiousness are organized and self-disciplined. They make plans and follow routines and schedules. They have a strong sense of duty and obligation. They work hard to achieve excellence and success. They are persistent, efficient, and reliable workers. They take their time to consider outcomes and alternatives when making decisions.

    People who score low on Conscientiousness are spontaneous and flexible. They are adaptable and react well to unexpected situations and change. They find rules to be arbitrary and stifling, and don’t mind breaking them. They enjoy living life on a moment-to-moment basis, following their own whims, and often take leaps of faith to see what happens next.
    Extraversion (38%)

    People who score high on Extraversion like being around people and are energetic, enthusiastic, and active in their everyday lives. They like constantly being on the move, enjoy big parties and crowds, and crave excitement and sensory stimulation. They are cheerful, optimistic, and make friends easily. They like to speak out, take charge, and are natural leaders.

    People who score low on Extraversion are quiet, low-key, and are perfectly happy spending time alone. They tend to be reserved in social situations and keep in the background. They prefer quiet, peaceful, and relaxed environments. Their typical mood and disposition is more subdued and neutral. They are slower to reach out to others and tend to have a small circle of close friends.
    Agreeableness (73%)

    People who score high on Agreeableness are sympathetic and compassionate. They value cooperation, social harmony, and assume that most people are fair and honest. They are naturally trusting and sincere in their dealings with other people. They are modest, dislike confrontation, and always willing to compromise to get along with others.

    People who score low on Agreeableness tend to be objective and skeptical. They are vigilant about other people’s motivations and tend to be more guarded and strategic in their interactions with other people. They are direct in their communication style and don’t mind openly confronting or challenging others. They value truth, justice, and making objective judgments based on reason alone.
    Emotional Stability (97%)

    People who score high on Emotional Stability are calm and relaxed even in stressful and anxiety-provoking situations. They are even-keeled, fearless, and remain poised and confident when under pressure. They are difficult to provoke and are able to easily resist urges and temptations.

    People who score low on Emotional Stability are reactive and sensitive. They often worry about things, especially when under stress, and become nervous and tense. They are sensitive about what other people think of them, and are easily embarrassed or discouraged.


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