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FFXIV Heavensward: Castles in the Sky

Warning: HUGE Heavensward Spoilers if you have not yet progressed past the Bismark Primal battle!

So when we left off in the last post, we’d dished out a whoopin to Bismark and then got our own butts handed to us. The way to Azys Lla was opened, but not by us. Apparently, this is a huge floating city that appears to have a smog problem.

Not really having any other plans, we decide to regroup at the Vanu Vanu camp. There we run into this guy.

What’s that look for, Tai? You knew the Empire would have to stick their noses into your business sooner or later.

Speaking of which, Tai now has the “Imperial Nuisance” title, which he wears with pride!

Anyway, stuff happens and the troops retreat. Your party decides it’s a good time to attempt to bust into the floating city in the sky.

Only, that can’t happen this early into the story because: too easy.

At this point, even Cid is at a loss at how to proceed. But luckily, word has come that signs of one of the wayward Scions, Y’shtola, were found. We investigate, and sure enough, discover she may yet be alive, but is lost to the Lifestream (long story). So it’s us to the rescue!

Glad to have you back, Y’shtola! And with a new look, too.

I’ve noticed the team has been giving some of the older characters new looks since Heavensward began, starting with Alphinaud’s outfit. It’s kinda interesting to see them taking ownership of characters that reach back as far as the 1.0 version.

Anyhow, once Y’shtola is rested, we explain the situation to her, and she has an idea of someone who can help. To find them, we must journey to the lost ruins of Sharlayan… which is super, super exciting to me! We’ve heard so much about Sharlayan – just hints and suggestions – but know very little. To finally be able to to see what it’s all about is such a treat!

But first, we went back to unlock flying in the Sea of Clouds area. Soooooo much better for daily hunts. The zone looks amazing from the sky, too!

Once that’s done, we headed to the Dravanian Hinterlands where we discovered what remains of the city of Sharlayan. We quickly realized that the whole zone was once the taken up by the entire city.

It’s now fallen into ruin, but not exactly abandoned anymore…


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