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FFXIV Heavensward: Level 60 and Beyond


Last night Zeb and Tai finally got around to running The Great Gubal Library dungeon, which is the last of the pre-level-60 dungeons in Heavensward. I hear this is often a dungeon people farm for gear and use to level from 59 to 60.

Overall, the mechanics were pretty easy. But then again, I haven’t really felt any of the Heavensward dungeons were that hard so far. Some had annoying elements to them, but not really difficult.

It’s a good thing this dungeon was forgiving because the duty finder group we were assigned to was made up of a drunk tank and a bard with a broken keyboard. I’m not exaggerating – I almost solo DPSed the first boss (until we wiped) before the bard finally dismantled some of the keys and got it to be somewhat responsive.

Interesting times, but we made it through.

Zeb and Tai somehow finish the Library
Zeb and Tai somehow finish the Library

Shortly after, upon turning in the quest that led us to the library, Tai hit level 60.

As noted before, I’m not much of a fan of dungeon running, so I avoid it when all possible. So, I leveled mostly through doing daily hunts and completing every single quest I ran across. The good of this is that I didn’t really grind anything to get there. The bad of this is I have no idea how I’m going to level another class to 60 unless Square Enix significantly buffs FATES or does something to make it more enjoyable to players like me.

I’m already going to have to hit up the roulettes for the Law grind, which I’m not looking forward to. On the up side, Tai has saved up 400 Centurio seals from doing level 1 and 2 hunts alone. Now, if only the game would let me spend them before I hit the seal cap!

Ding Level 60!
Ding Level 60!

We didn’t get much further than that in the story last night because real life came calling. However, I did switch to Marauder for a bit and started Operation Clean Up Old Quests. I’ve pretty much skipped most quests while leveling Tai’s classes, and so I still have this rash of icons all over the main cities everywhere I look. I can never tell what is a relevant quest and what is a level 1 quest…

So Messy! Ew!!
So Messy! Ew!!

So, since I want to level Marauder anyhow, I decided to put what little bit of experience I get from those quests to some use. I spent a little time cleaning up quests in Gridania and Central Shroud last night. Didn’t take much time to do since I knew them all pretty well from other characters. I’m feeling much better to have a cleaner map, and eventually will get to quests that give relevant experience to this class in time.

Marauder Tai is ready to take on Operation Clean Up Old Quests
Marauder Tai is ready to take on Operation Clean Up Old Quests


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6 thoughts on “FFXIV Heavensward: Level 60 and Beyond

  1. I wondered about leveling a 2nd job up also since I ate up all the quests on my BLM, but my summoner is already level 54 from just doing hunts after I got the BLM to 60. A full round of hunts is about 300K xp, so it’s only 4-5 days for a level so far. Plus I hear that FATE grinding in North Thanalan can get you from 50-60 in a day or 2 if you can handle the grind.

    If you’ve unlocked the stage 3 hunts, you should also be able to use the vendor for the seals in the Forgotten Knight. 395 seals are needed to take the weapon from i170 to i180, then it’s 300 seals each for the 5 main armor pieces, and 150 seals each for the belt and accessories. You can pre-buy those upgrade items to keep your seal count below 500 if you’re worried about that.

    Low and High roulettes give 100 ToL each. Once you finish the story and unlock Expert it gives 80 on the 1st run, but then the dungeons are also worht 80 so that roulette is actually worth 160 (or 200 if a newbie is along). The experts dungeons also drop i160 gear so they’re worth farming when not on roulette for the 80 ToL plus the gear to boot. Though if you don’t like dungeons, that might not be the way to go, I guess. Personally, I love dungeons, so…. for me it’s awesome. i175, still need to upgrade my boots from the i148 ones I got in the Library, but everything else is i180 except hat, gloves and the soon-to-be-obtained boots. I haven’t been doing “real hunts” just the daily bills, so I only get 110 seals per day, so it’s slower to get their upgrade items than to get the actual gear for me.

    One of these days I should get into Alexander and the expert primals too. One of these days……


    1. Thanks for the info.

      Daily hunts and Bluefog FATES sounds like the way to go for my next class once I get him that far.

      I stopped by the Forgotten Knight last night, but didn’t see a quest to unlock the last level of hunts. So I still can’t do seal turn-ins, but when I can, I’ll pick up that weapon upgrade ASAP! I think it might be story gated.

      Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of dungeons (especially when I’m forced to solo them like in roulette), but I’ve accepted the fact that it’s the fastest way to get Law. Does the expert dungeon roulette allow for parties (I think it does)? If so, and if those dungeons aren’t too much of a pain, that might be something for me and FC folks to do.

      Gearing up seems a lot less painful than it did at the end of the original main quest scenario, so I won’t complain at all. Just was hoping there was a viable way to still level other classes without roulettes every day.


      1. I can help out a little here. The third quest for the daily hunts is in Idyllshire, not in the Forgotten Knight. It’s a level 59 quest, though I can’t remember the name of the npc who gives it to you. Hopefully that will help though ❤


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