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FFXIV: Most Popular Heavensward Class Poll


These are the results of an interesting FFXIV class poll taken on Reddit. Here are the Google Docs if you want to see more info.


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4 thoughts on “FFXIV: Most Popular Heavensward Class Poll

    1. That’s becuz AST has lower heal potency than the other 2 healers and the card buffs are actually quite insignificant, so they’re extremely non-preferred as healers.

      MCH is a low-dps BRD… and BRDs are already low dps.

      Once SE does a few balance passes on them so that they’re seen to be “just as good” as the other classes, I’m sure more people will play them.


  1. The other night I was in Churning Mists and someone spotted the Scarecrow hunt mark mob. I was looking for it, so I headed to the coordinates and ended up fighting it with a Dark Knight. After we downed it, the DRK shouted into zone “Now Gotham is free!”

    It was perfect.


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