Blaugust Day 2 — I Built a Desk

This is part of the Blaugust series!

Last week, I finally broke down and decided to buy a new computer desk for my front room. I went through all the different desks, reading reviews on Amazon, and decided on this desk in particular. I had no idea that it was so large it needed to be delivered in two parts!

The UPS man was nice enough to bring things in for me. Then he asked if I would be putting this together on my own. When I told him I would, he looked at me, then he looked at the box (which is nearly as tall as me) and kinda laughed out a “Good Luck!”

Well, earlier this week, I decided to tackle the project! I’ve put plenty of stuff together over the years. How difficult could it be, right?

Well… It took me about 4 hours between putting up new blinds and curtains and building the desk. But I got it done!

Before: Old wobbly desk with ugly yellow curtains (they came with the place when I bought it and I’ve just been too lazy to change them out).

Big ole boxes waiting to be opened.

My cat is offering help.

Those old curtains are the first to go.

Putting stuff together. This took most of the night.

After: New blinds, new curtains and new desk for the front room! I don’t have everything organized on it yet, but I think it’s a pretty big improvement.