#Blaugust Day 2 — I Built a Desk

This is part of the Blaugust series!

Last week, I finally broke down and decided to buy a new computer desk for my front room. I went through all the different desks, reading reviews on Amazon, and decided on this desk in particular. I had no idea that it was so large it needed to be delivered in two parts!

The UPS man was nice enough to bring things in for me. Then he asked if I would be putting this together on my own. When I told him I would, he looked at me, then he looked at the box (which is nearly as tall as me) and kinda laughed out a “Good Luck!”

Well, earlier this week, I decided to tackle the project! I’ve put plenty of stuff together over the years. How difficult could it be, right?

Well… It took me about 4 hours between putting up new blinds and curtains and building the desk. But I got it done!

Before: Old wobbly desk with ugly yellow curtains (they came with the place when I bought it and I’ve just been too lazy to change them out).

2015-07-27 17.16.27

Big ole boxes waiting to be opened.
Big ole boxes waiting to be opened.
My cat is offering help.
My cat is offering help.
Those curtains are the first to go.
Those old curtains are the first to go.
Putting stuff together. This took most of the night.
Putting stuff together. This took most of the night.

After: New blinds, new curtains and new desk for the front room! I don’t have everything organized on it yet, but I think it’s a pretty big improvement.

2015-07-27 22.44.07


  1. Nice work! It’s amazing how changing just a few key pieces can really change a room.

    When it comes to flat pack stuff, I learned a long time ago to make furniture like this on my own, as my husband has quite the knack for deciding that certain bits “aren’t needed”. Which is really just code for he forgot about it, got bored putting it together, or didn’t read the instructions properly and missed it entirely!

    1. I hear you! Only thing I coulda done with was an electric screwdriver. πŸ˜€

      I did skip a few pieces that I didn’t want – there was a phone (?) stand that should have been at the top left corner, but I’d rather have the space for a desk lamp instead. And I opted out of the roll-out keyboard holder under the desk. Mostly because when working on tablet artwork, I need the keyboard up top for keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop. πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, I gotta keep the outside of the tower clean around fan vents, especially with a shedding cat and dust. The fan system is pretty good at keeping the airflow directed, though, so it’s not too bad on the inside as long as I give it an occasional clean-out.

    1. Thanks! It feels much nicer to game, write and art there now, too! Gotta do just little things when you’re on a budget, though.

  2. Looks much more sleek and convenient! Good choice!

    I personally don’t understand the point of computer desks, now. I’ve been using a plain ol’ table since the ’90s, the desks just seem so quickly cluttered. I guess if you are trying to use space efficiently it is much better to have a desk, though.

    1. If it was just a computer desk, I could see only needing a table. But I also need somewhere to store all my art paper and artsy stuff so that cat doesn’t get into it (he sits on all paper all the time) and things don’t get lost. XD I tend to go for something with a shelf or a little drawer (as you can see on both desks).

  3. Ohh, that’s a sweet desk! I could really use better space management for my gaming set-up, as my desk right now is a bit cramped. But considering how small my apartment is I suppose that’s not so bad. πŸ˜›

    1. Thank you! There’s a lot of consideration that goes into picking the right computer desk, for sure. I’ve honestly been looking at them since before Christmas last year and finally settled on this one. It’s a bit larger than I thought, but works for what I need!

  4. New desks are surprisingly satisfying, as I discovered after 10 years of using the same-old, same-old.

    I used to hate keyboard trays but I’m a big fan of the one on my new desk because it’s the entire width of the deak, which means I can fit my rather large Razer Black Widow keyboard (which I would marry if I weren’t already), my rather large RAT7 mouse and my inconceivably HUGE mouse mat.

    What can I say? I like large computer parts and I cannot lie.

    1. That’s another issue I have with keyboard trays – they rarely fit a good sized keyboard and mouse pad. Awesome that you found one that did. I need space for things like that, too!

      Hah! I love how they call your large mouse a “Rat”7. That’s great! XD

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