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MMO Memory Box: Dark Age of Camelot ~ #Blaugust Day 14

This is part of the Blaugust series!

Like many young fantasy fans, I had a soft spot for Arthurian Legend. So, when I saw a MMO about Camelot, that’s where my mind leapt to. I had no idea that the game was meant to be an RvR endgame – I probably wouldn’t have picked up the game if I had known. This didn’t really matter, though, since during this time, I rarely saw endgame of any MMO I tried. DAoC was no exception.

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I can officially say that I had no idea what I was doing in DAoC, and I don’t really remember much about what I did play.

Firstly, the game was way too demanding for the PC I was playing it on in the beginning. I recall specifically trying to zone into areas in the large starting city and waiting for minuets at the loading screen. DAoC might have been one of the first major 3D graphics MMOs I tried (I’m fuzzy about the time frame during which I first played this.. but I’m thinking 2001-ish), so I thought that was just how 3D MMOs played. Silly me.

I don’t remember what kind of class or race I played. Probably something in Albion. I remember at one point the game started to implement quests of sort, though you had to ask the NPCs to give them to you. There were no floating “!” to let you know quests were there.

I eventually put the game down for whatever reason… not sure if I even played past the first 30 days… but later bought the expansion and tried it again. Go figure. I must not have gotten word of the RvR nature of the game. I do remember the second time I came back to play the low level areas were a ghost town, so even though I had a computer that could run it by then, everyone was playing end game, and it wasn’t that enticing for me to stay.

Younger MMO-playing me was such a casual game hopper!



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