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MMO Memory Box: EverQuest 2 ~ #Blaugust Day 15

This is part of the Blaugust series!

Even though I didn’t have too much experience with EQ1, I bought into EQ2 at launch. Why?


The game let me play a rat, and that was enough for me. So instead of being at WoW launch, I was at EQ2 launch, a little sad that my little rattie had to be a “bad guy,” but content to play a rat.

The whole good vs. evil thing was really played up back then. The original box had two sides, even, one that showed Overlord Lucan D’Lere…

Click for larger images. 


And the other side that showed Queen Antonia Bayle.


EQ2’s packaging gave off an air of grandiose confidence in their newest game in the EQ series. I mean, look at how…






…this box had. On both sides, even!

The box contained a whopping 9 installation discs. Plus a bonus disc and a multi-disc Starter Kit of some sort. All in this nice little fold out disc thingy with a cute disc holder.


I’d never seen a game that had 9 discs for installation before. Wow!

I made a lot of good memories back in EQ2, and still have and play characters that I rolled from back in the era. While I was still a pretty solo player, the happy thing about EQ2 was that it had content for folks who wanted to group, but was also very much solo-able… something I was looking for in a game, but was much more rare in games of that time. This was one of the games that I came back to on and off over the years, and fully embraced the F2P conversion.

I remember working up my little ratonga through the different class quests of the time, getting her to become an assassin. Years later, before Ratonga became a neutral race, I betrayed Freeport to realign and become a Swashbuckler. At that point, the EQ2 stats said that Swashie Ratonga made up 2% of my server’s population. I was so proud. 🙂

I still love playing my Swashie Rat from time to time – mostly to mess around in events and housing. I’ve kitted her out with wings to fly and gave her the free boost to level 90… though I haven’t really played her much and have no idea what kind of build I should have for her. That’s okay, though. I have my memories and I can still visit her whenever I like.




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4 thoughts on “MMO Memory Box: EverQuest 2 ~ #Blaugust Day 15

  1. Hitting some hard nostalgia now. I still dive back into EQ2 now and again. My main is an Iksar Paladin – also betrayed :). Didn’t think to check the population %, but I rarely seen another.

    Do you like traveling through the older zones still? Or just stick to the newer areas?


    1. I do tend to travel through the old zones most often. Then again, I only leveled to about 55 on my own without the help of the free boost. So, I haven’t really seen much of the upper level content at all.


  2. Hmmm My EQ2 box was in DVD format with a plastic case and no foldouts (Lucan was still the cover image). The 2nd box I purchased (for a second account) had a group of characters but similar packaging. However, I didn’t buy the first box til 2006 and the second in 2007 after Faydwer released, so that’s probably why.

    I second your love for the Ratonga. Quite simply the best race ever implemented in any MMO to date. If they don’t make it to EQN (if EQN actually happens) I’m going to be a very sad panda.


    1. Happy that there are other Ratonga lovers! The race just looks great, animates great, sounds great and plays great. I really, really want to see what they’ll do with them in EQN, too!


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