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MMO Memory Box: World of Warcraft ~ #Blaugust Day 16

This is part of the Blaugust series!

What’s this? Me… a usually non-WoW player… have a box from WoW launch? Well, yes, I do!

Funny thing. I was really into EQ2 at the time, which happened to launch just a few weeks before WoW. WoW wasn’t even on my radar. I was in love with my Ratonga. But, even though I convinced my younger sister to purchase EQ2 and play with me a short while, she eventually went off to play WoW with other people.

So, guess what happened to me? I ended up buying WoW in order to play with my sister. (This is a common thing between us… I have so many games I bought at the whims of my sister’s enthusiasm…)

I don’t remember a whole lot about the game. I know a rolled at least two characters: a Night Elf rouge and a Night Elf druid. I remember spending a lot of time in the starting forest questing and skinning helpless animals. I remember loving fishing and spending a lot of time just chilling by the ocean. I remember enjoying many things in Vanilla WoW, actually.

Click for larger images. 


Isn’t it funny how the price tag labeled it “strategy”?

I don’t remember how long I played or when I eventually moved away from WoW. It wasn’t a super long time, though. I went to WoW to play with my sister, but she was off with other folks and I never really got to see her during that time. So, I eventually just stopped logging in since it was the one game I moved to in order to not be solo.

It’s okay, though. She went on to get into raiding and PvP and stuff like that. I don’t think the raiding end game would have ever been for me.

The characters on that account are long gone, I’m sure. But I did return for a month last year just to see how different WoW was in the time that passed between launch and current day WoW.


The WoW box also had the neat foldout pieces.

wowfoldThis one teaches you about the map and the cool hotbars! Yay!


WoW also had a much more manageable 4 installation discs, compared to EQ2’s 9!


Oh, and an unused guess pass key. Anyone need one? 🙂



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4 thoughts on “MMO Memory Box: World of Warcraft ~ #Blaugust Day 16

  1. I’ll admit, those griffon mounts have sorely tempted me from time to time… 😀 But really, given how little I’m into MMO’s, I doubt WoW would be for me.

    I was wondering when you’d played WoW before! I wasn’t really surprised you had, but I couldn’t recall you mentioning it before you did your “try it again” articles.


    1. The griffin mounts shown in these pictures aren’t really griffin mounts like they are in FFXIV. There wasn’t flying in WoW until a later expansion. These mounts were basically like stables that flew you from point A to point B in game to make traveling a little faster. So if all you hoped for was a griffin of your own, you’d have been disappointed at WoW launch.

      There probably are now real flying griffin mounts in game, but I don’t know for sure off the top of my head.


  2. I absolutely love this! I have a WoW box from around launch time as well, despite not playing it since vanilla. I picked it up and enjoyed it for a while though, and the box still sits on my shelf back at my parents’ house!


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