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ARK: Welcome to Camp Ooga Booga


You can write on signs in this game. I just discovered this… no joke!


Happy and I have been working hard to build a wall to prevent the trikes from tromping through camp at their leisure.

I really love the dino gates… they remind me of the gate from Jurassic Park!


Still learning so much about this game and really enjoying it. Tomorrow, I’m going to try to make some trank arrows for the trike that’s stuck out on that tree near our camp.


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3 thoughts on “ARK: Welcome to Camp Ooga Booga

    1. Haha… no worries. I misspelled “Ooga” on the sign and didn’t realize it until after I posted the screenshot. I was just so excited to learn you could type on it and it would actually show up! 😀


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