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My Gaming Style Revised

Looks like there’s an updated version of the Gaming Style test at the Quantic Foundry. I still got something similar to before:

Your Gaming Style : Calm, Spontaneous, Relaxed, Independent, Deeply Immersed, and Creative




I'm a technical writer by day, gaming gal by night. I have a wide array of gaming interests, though I most often blog about MMOs, RPGs, and Nintendo fanstuffs. Like what you just read? Check out my Webcomic and Fantasy Fiction projects!

8 thoughts on “My Gaming Style Revised

        1. I’m actually quite introverted in games, despite the fact I’m always trying to run a guild of some sort. To my credit, I inherited the one we have now, so that wasn’t planned or on purpose.


          1. It’s a strange sort of balance for me. I love the idea of being a resident in an online world with people all around me (as long as those people can’t PK or grief me in the game). It makes it feel like a living world to me.

            I don’t need to group with them to get a benefit of feeling other people in the same area. And I love games like GW2 and FFXIV that allow me to work on dynamic events or FATES where I can help others out to complete those events without having to group with them.

            I’m like that even in guilds. I can be content listening to conversation and have no desire to actually take part in the conversation. I’m still there and listening – I might make a comment or two – but I just like the feeling of knowing someone is online, even if I’m not directly participating.

            I guess I’m weirdly socially anti-social. XD


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