Mobile Triple Triad ~ Blaugust Day 21

This is part of the Blaugust series!

First I want to thank folks for their encouraging words yesterday. The situations are not resolved, but you made me smile, and that made the day better. I really appreciate it!

Another thing that made my day better was the unexpected release of the Final Fantasy Portal app, which came complete with mobile Triple Triad. Some of you may know that I really adore Triple Triad in FFXIV, even if I’m pretty crummy with numbers. That doesn’t stop me from playing, though, as it’s just too tempting to try and collect cards and make a stronger deck. So, I was pretty happy to discover this app and start playing last night.

The game starts you out nice and easy with a walkthrough tutorial. Part of the charm of this game is that it includes references to all Final Fantasy games, and I’m always stoked to capture cards of my favorite characters. My very first card was Kain from FFIV!

As you win games in solo mode, you unlock new FF heroes to challenge on different difficulty levels. Different heroes have different rules (including my much-disliked Plus rule). While I’m only part way through unlocking the Normal difficulty, I have to say that from time to time, the AI makes what seems to be silly mistakes in the lower modes. Or maybe they’re trying to bait me and I’m just not clever enough to tell. Who knows.

The higher you get in difficulty on solo, the better the cards you can choose from, of course. I was stoked to get my first 4 star card this morning.

There seem to be character card duplicates, too. For example, the 2 star version of FFIV characters shows the old original sprite portraits. The 3 star version of the character shows the chibi art version of the character, such as this Rosa.

You can also earn special limited cards by completing achievements.  You can only have one of these limited types of cards in your deck at a time, however.

Like just about every phone app I’ve played, there are game limitations and in-app purchases, however. Each time you play a game, it costs you one crystal. Crystals restore on their own once every 30 mins. You also get bonus crystals for logging in each day, I believe.

Naturally, you can purchase more crystals if you don’t want to be limited in your game play. But I don’t feel like it’s forcing me in any way to spend money… I’m patient and can wait until my crystals restore.

I can see myself having a lot of fun with this app. There’s sooo many cards to collect!

There’s also a VS. mode, but I doubt I’ll ever play with that much. It does appear to allow you to connect to someone nearby or someone via the Internet.

Have you tried the new Final Fantasy Portal? Also, keep in mind it provides a free download of FF1 until the end of this month!