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MMO Memory Box: Guild Wars Factions ~ #Blaugust Day 23

This is part of the Blaugust series!

Let’s go back in time to 2005-2006 when a Guild Wars expansion pre-order looked like this:


No, this wasn’t the game. It wasn’t even a special edition. It was just the basic pre-order. It came with a disc and a full color booklet, as well as the preorder key.


I have no idea what is actually on the disc, to be honest. But if I remember right, the key gave you access to a special preivew beta event where you could try out the new classes and got a tengu mask. For a while that was the only way to get the mask… of course, they had to give it out to players later anyhow. :/

The game box itself looked like this:


I notice the art likes to highlight hot girls…

2015-08-19 19.27.23

The expansion was actually a stand alone game. So you could buy Factions and roll a new character without needing to purchase the original Guild Wars game (which was called Prophecies from then on).


Like the previous GW game, it came with a full color manual that featured an awesome cover picture of Shiro Tagachi back when he looked more like that…


…rather than like this???


Poor Shiro. I’m just not a fan of him in the GW2 style.

Anyhow, like GW: Prophecies, the guide focused a lot on setting the tone for the story’s background, culture and history. It’s one of the things that I feel GW did really well.



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