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MMO Memory Box: Guild Wars Nightfall ~ #Blaugust Day 24

This is part of the Blaugust series!

Just like Guild Wars Factions, Nightfall had a cool pre-order box.



Again, this was not a special edition pre-order. It was just the standard bonus pack that came when you pre-purchased the game. Inside, it had a full color booklet and disc. It also had a full color wall poster (not pictured – too big).



I don’t remember if it was when I picked up the pre-order or when the expansion actually released, but I also got a pretty cool Abaddon t-shirt out of the deal. I think I still have it somewhere. Will look for it if I remember.

The actual Nightfall box was pretty snazzy with lots of cool art and fold-outs.



As you can see, I picked this up for $49.99 from the local Electronics Boutique (back when that was a thing). I guess I shouldn’t grumble so much about the price of GW2 HoT (seeing it’s the same)… but a stand alone expansion feels like a lot more bang for your buck.



It’s nice that the box art is now gender equal rather than just a bunch of hot girls. It was also cool that the expansion took place in an African-type setting, featuring characters of that ethnicity.



Some pretty cool Varesh art up there. Of course, one thing the GW team has always excelled at was art and design.



Ah, the game that first introduced heroes. We used to play with full henchmen before this anyhow, so having heroes was a nice step up.



Once again, the game came with a full color booklet that spent a lot of time focusing on background, history, culture and story.



Sadly, this was the last of the expansion retail boxes I bought. I’m pretty sure I got Eye of the North as a digital download because that was just starting to become the thing to do about that time.


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